Tuesday, May 1, 2007

23 Reasons

May first is our wedding anniversary. 23 years ago today we went to the temple and promised each other to stay together forever.
Hey! I'm starting to think this might work out!
So in honor of my best friend and eternal partner, here are 23 reasons I love being married to The Brain.
  1. We laugh every day. Even when we fight, we laugh.
  2. This guy can fix ANYTHING. With the right tool, he can absolutely fix it. Whatever it is.
  3. He goes one step past supportive, and actually encourages me in my goals.
  4. He is always more worried about me than the car.
  5. He owns several power saws, and knows how to use them.
  6. He genuinely likes being a dad, and being with the kids.
  7. He will watch The Amazing Race with me without complaint. Twice. In one night.
  8. He can get around in a foreign country.
  9. He knows which sacrament cup I want, and will swivel the tray to make it easy for me.
  10. This man who hates heights, will climb just about anywhere to hide an Easter basket.
  11. He can smoke a world class brisket.
  12. He has never indicated in any way that his love for me is connected to my current weight.
  13. No swearing. Ever.
  14. He makes sure we have family prayer (almost) every day.
  15. He cheerfully eats whatever I make for dinner. Even if he already had it for lunch.
  16. He is willing to spend hours talking my 10 year old niece through a computer connecting problem, because she really really wants to play video games with him online.
  17. He insists on opening car doors for me.
  18. He knows that I really hate my feet touching any other feet in the universe.
  19. Unless they are cold.
  20. He usually has access to some kind of chocolate.
  21. He loads a mean dishwasher.
  22. He will get up in the middle of the night to open or close a window. (Well, I can't do it, I'm freezing!)
  23. I have felt loved every day for the past 23 years.
Happy Anniversary, Honey!


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! 23 years... we'll celebrate 7 on the 19th!

JustRandi said...

Congratulations right back at you! Every year's a victory, isn't it???

Heather said...

So true! :)

Stephanette said...

I hope in 22 years and 3 more months I write something just like it. :D Congrats!

Jen23456 said...

I love the list. Access to chocolate--that is a gift!:) And he even knows the good chocolate from the okay chocolate(and when it doesn't matter.) :)

JustRandi said...

OK THAT made me laugh right out loud! So true!!!