Sunday, April 15, 2007

Parenting is NOT for the Faint of Heart...

I'm not even talking about the hard, nitty gritty life choices kind of parenting. I'm talking about the regular everyday "Yes you will be going to seminary today" kind of parenting. The little things that just come at parents so often and so constantly, that sometimes I feel like I'm being pecked to death by ducks.
This week we had a couple of those incidents where I was just thoroughly surprised by several things one of my children had done. Without going into too much detail, it was a little "Aha" moment for both of us. In her case I think she figured out that her parents will really follow through on threatened punishment. In my case, I guess, well, the same thing. I learned (again) that even if I think I am being so nice by giving one more chance and one more chance before the punishment kicks in, usually in the long run, it would have been better and nicer to just crack down the first time. I'll tell you, it could have saved some pain this week if everyone had just learned this little lesson several months ago when the hole she has been digging for herself was not nearly as deep.
So now we are both stuck with a consequence that is going to take longer to fix than it should have. I remind her that it would be a hundred times easier for me to let her just run wild, but since I DO love her (contrary to the opinion of the day), I care enough to do the hard thing - the right thing - and shell out the consequences that will help her learn a better way to live her life, even though it is painful to me as well. I wonder if it's as painful to Heavenly Father to watch His children do things that will bring unwanted consequences. I'm sure He shakes his head, and wonders when I am going to "get it". Luckily for me, we both keep trying.

Someone told me the other day, that "a mother is only as happy as her saddest child". It's been a sad couple of days.

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