Friday, June 1, 2007






Have you seen this commercial yet? Welcome to my life. My kids think it is SO funny, and so, in an effort to maintain my cool, hip mom image, I have begun to join them in their new textspeak. Well, new to me, anyway.
I-D-K (I don't know) and T-T-Y-L ( talk to you later) have become mainstays of our daily conversations.

Yesterday I said to Puff-
"I'm leaving now! B-R-B!" (be right back)
Ok, she yelled, "T-T-F-N" (ta ta for now)
L-O-V-E -Y-O-U!

Long pause.

Mom, we're not supposed to be S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G.
Oh. Yeah.

There's nothing that will stop a trend faster than a mom picking it up. And since that's the case, I'm now considering a nose ring.
FO' SHizzle!


Hope4Hannah said...

A n0se ring would be TiGhT dawg!

Becky said...

This commercial made me literally LOL when I saw it the first time!!!

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi: i, too, love this commercial and just laugh everytime i see it! i tell everyone in the room to SHHHH, i gotta hear this!

so true about busting a habit sometimes when you get mom in there. for example, guess how i got my 16 y/o daughter ~A to stop rolling her eyes at me? i read this in i think it was one of LDS author ... chieko okazaki's book. she said when someone rolls their eyes at you, tell them, ah, thank you for praying for me. first time i said this to ~A when i caught her doing that, she just stopped practically with her mouth open and huh? no, mom, i wasn't praying for you. so i went on to explain how that really means that. no, mom ... i continued. after a few times of that, she STOPPED the habit of rolling her eyes at me. it really worked! so cool! thank you cheiko!

hey, happy day to ya cyber cuz, kathleen :)

ttfn! ha

Stephanette said...

You're my h-e-r-o!

Baby J said...

Oh my goodness that commercial made my mom and I laugh So hard! Have you seen the one about the Unlimited Texting to anyone? Very funny too