Friday, May 11, 2007


If you want to be an avid book reader, there comes a time when you have to actually have access to books.

I'm just sayin'.

I LOVE reading. I really really do! I want to be an avid reader. I just don't want to buy the books, and I'm apparently not responsible enough to be trusted with a library card.

I once had an awkward moment when my credit card was rejected at a gas station. It was really unsettling but I got over it. The problem is, I relive the moment about half the time I go to the library.

"We're sorry ma'am. We can't check out a book on this card when you have over $12.00 in fines."

"$12 in fines!!! What the ???? Let's see, at 20 cents a day, I would have had to keep a book for at least....... like 60 days!"

"Actually, it's been longer than that, but the fine tops out when you reach the value of the borrowed item."

"Really! What exactly have I kept out for longer than two months?"

"That would be the 1979 version of Wuthering Heights Audiobook on cassette tape."

"oh. yeah."

"there's another charge for $5. Looks like the paperback edition of Origami for Preschoolers."

No wonder I'm not an avid book reader. Apparently I haven't checked out a reading book in years.

What I need is the incentive to actually find the books. Right now it's way easier to pay the fines. Only I don't WANT to pay the fines, so I just don't go.

You know what would work GREAT for me is if the library would run an amnesty program every 3 weeks or so. Just bring your books back and we'll wipe the slate clean.


Every three weeks they...





Stephanette said...

I had a fine that they held on to for the four years I was at college. I had to pay $27.65 when I came back because I accidently packed a book with me. Hubby and I are independently funding the new addition they are building. You aren't so bad. I promise.

Heather said...

I loved the post. My friend has the same problem- and ranted about it just like you!

"Buns of Steele" said...

Here's my email: - I'd love to chat more! I think we might know some of the same people.