Monday, May 7, 2007

Names Changed to Protect the Innocent

Well, it has been brought to my attention that as I have told my own children to NEVER do, I have put enough information out there that it wouldn't be terribly hard for a stalker to find me. Ewww. I realize that anyone who has chosen stalking as a career option probably will do it whether or not I'm giving out information, but why make it easy???

So in the interest of protecting the innocent I am editing all my posts today to remove all names. The people I live with will now be referred to as: The Brain, Buddy, Hannah, Lizzie, and Mimi - which is mostly what I call these guys anyway. ( Except for The Brain - well, not out loud, anyway...) Also, I am setting up a picture blog that people will have to have permission to access. No more kids pictures on this open blog - Cause that's just part of this crazy world where we live.

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Stephanette said...

If you notice, hubby's name is never used. He's fierce about it. Yeah, but I set up the email account BEFORE I knew how fierce he is. It will probably be changed again soon and I'll have to notify everyone. :D I like your codenames :D