Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Open Letters - First Edition

I have a blogging idol who occasionally writes these open letters! I thought I' d try a couple, so here goes:

Dear State Dept of Education:

It has been 6 weeks now since I submitted my renewal application for my teaching certificate. SIX WEEKS. During that time, the license I had expired, and so I have been unable to do my job (substitute teach) for the past 5 weeks.
I noted on your website that you logged my application into your system on 4/27/07 (approximately 2 weeks after I mailed it). As of today, it is still pending approval. I did note that the disclaimer on the site says it may take up to 3 months to process.

During that time I have seen several news stories about the shortage of teachers in our state, and I wondered if we put 2 and 2 together..... (no teaching pun intended)......

See my idea is, maybe if we make the paperwork portion of this process LESS THAN TWELVE WEEKS, maybe we could get more teachers into the system. We could get them licensed while they still care, or at least before they begin planning their retirement parties. (I know it's a long shot)

My fingerprints and background check are already in your system, and I dutifully sent you a notorized copy of my driver's license to prove that I am a citizen.
Please let me work! Please, please, please!!


Dear Bully of my Daughters;

You are doing much more harm to your own reputation than anything you could say about my daughters would do. It is seriously UNCOOL, and if you think people don't notice, look around at how many true friends you have. People are afraid to be your friend because they see what you do to others.

It would be a serious upgrade to your life if you could learn to just let other people be happy - and maybe even be happy for them.


Dear DVR Player;

I love you so much. You have recorded many, many shows I have wanted to watch, and several that I haven't wanted to watch.
Just for the record-
When I ask you to record Everybody Loves Raymond, I really did mean Everybody Loves Raymond, and NOT America's Top Model.
Thanks for correcting this one tiny thing.

Love and Kisses-


Heather said...

Ok- keep 'em coming. You are good at the open letters.

Baby J said...

I have never heard of open letters before..very funny. Don't stop! :) You know, I'd be hilarious to just insert an Open Letter into one of my English Essays. Mix things up a little, keep it interesting.

Hope4Hannah said...

lol i love it mom! yeah.. good idea BBJ! Wish I woulda thought about doin that in high school... dang it!

~Amazing Girl~ said...
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