Saturday, June 30, 2007

No Words

There are no words to say how wonderful our youth conference was. The kids were extremely impressive, the youth leaders were playful and fun to be with, the committee that planned the trip was meticulous, and seemed to have thought of everything. We had such a wonderful time. Friends were made, lives were changed. I know mine was.

There are also no words to express my sympathy to the members of the Dakota Ridge Ward in our stake, who also had their youth conference last week. Theirs was to Martin's Cove for a pioneer handcart trek. Only not everyone came home from their trek. In a truck accident on the way home from Wyoming, one of their young women was killed, and 2 more youth were life-flighted to Denver.

And as I reflect on the two paragraphs above, I am reminded again, that lives change in the blink of an eye.

The Savior knows us and loves us. He is in control.

*picture changed 7/1/07* Because I liked this one better


Scuttle said...

Glad your home and safe!

Gramzer said...

We can only pray for understanding.