Friday, June 8, 2007

What the World Eats

My weekly food budget varies. I try for under $125 per week, (that's for 6 adult sized people) but if I am realistic and count in lunches and the occasional dinner date it's probably more like $160-175 per week. I don't really mind cooking if I have done the groundwork for it. That is - if I've really made a menu/shopping list on my paperwork day, and really done all the shopping on my errand day.
I like cooking, and the family is pretty good about cleaning up afterward, so it works out. I don't generally think about it too much, but today I found a photo essay about 15 families in different parts of the world and what they eat in a week's time. It really got me thinking.

Of course it brought to mind how lucky we are to live where we do in the economic state we do. But mainly I just enjoyed looking at the VAST differences in what is on the tables - or the lack of tables. How things are packaged, different dollar amounts, what the favorite foods are. How many people there are in the picture that eat off of that amount of food (and what size they are). Wow.

I love that the journalist took the picture in the setting where the food would typically be eaten.

Anyway, I'm not sure why this fascinates me so much. I could spend a long time looking at these pictures. And well, I did.

See the whole photo essay here.
And do it when you have a few minutes to really look at them.

No guilt involved, this is purely for the interest factor.


Heather said...

Phenominal! That was really cool. I wish I could feed my family 1.63 a week...

Well, maybe.

JustRandi said...

Yeah, but you'd have to do it on sheep soup.
Did you see that giant bag of rice in the Bhutan family? For us that's about a 3 year supply. For them, one week.
Every time I look at those pictures I am fascinated by something else!