Sunday, July 8, 2007

Near Death Experience

Can you imagine how you’ll feel about someone sorting through your things after you die? I mean, I know you'll feel um, gone, and maybe the only thing you’ll care about really is whether or not you can play that little three stringed harp thingy. You probably won’t really care about piddily earthly kinds of things, like whether or not you recently cleaned behind your fridge, and how huge your laundry pile has gotten, and how many Runner’s World Magazines are sitting in your bathroom. But I can't help but feel some embarrassment at the thought of someone going through my house and deciding what to do with my things, and making judgments about me as a person based on my private choice of reading material (bathroom and otherwise), and how old the spices in my cabinets are.

The other day my friend had a sad opportunity to go and clean out a woman's home. The woman and her child had died an untimely death at a young age, and had left behind a grieving husband, who had no idea how to go on with his life. The idea was that several women from church would go over and box up her things and put them away. Then when he was ready he could go through them and make those decisions that no one really ever wants to have to make.

My friend is an extremely kind, giving, gracious person, who would never even think of judging that situation. But she DID come home and immediately start cleaning her house. And I totally get that. Kinda puts a new light on things, doesn’t it?

Now, I wouldn’t call my house dirty, per se. It's not like I could feed a family of four from the stuff you'd find in the couch or anything. I would say that clutter occasionally gets away from me. And I don’t want to talk about the last time I cleaned out my freezer. Let's just say that there could be ice from the actual ice age in there.

My WIGTI (When I Get To It) cleaning system apparently isn't working.

So I'm going back to the only cleaning system I've ever had where my house really got clean and stayed there. FlyLady. She's a little on the sappy side, but she definitely knows her cleaning. And she knows her procrastinators. And she knows how to work the system.

Then the only thing I'll have to worry about is finding a harp teacher.


Gramzer said...

I am leaving all those boxes from the ice age for the girls to go through. Your welcome and Good Luck.

Stephanette said...

I try to FLY, too. I haven't been taking off, per se, lately...I need to rededicate myself.

Hope4Hannah said...

AHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT THE FLY LADY AGAIN!!!! i thought we finally broke you of that habit!!! NO0oO0oO0O0oO0O0o