Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sabbath Activities

When I talked to Puff last Sunday, she mentioned that she had gone to church. (yea!) I was so proud of her for getting in there and figuring things out in a new place.

She did mention, though, that she was struggling a little bit with the REST of the sabbath day.

Now in our house, we have worked to make Sunday a day to grow closer to the Savior, and to our families. We try to rest our spirits from our regular worldly cares, so that we can concentrate on improving those relationships.

With that in mind, we've eliminated the birthday parties, sports, yardwork, and even recreation that some people choose to fill their Sundays, in favor of making the day a more restful day. We go to church, and then we try to find things to do together. We sleep, we watch uplifting movies (pretty much anything rated G is OK), we bake, we play the piano, we eat dinner outside - we study our scriptures and prepare our Sunday School lessons, etc for the upcoming week. No loud music, no crazy running around.

...Well, no crazy running around until about 7pm, when it sort of hits us that tomorrow is Monday, and, well, we have to actually be ready for the week.

(Yeah, gotta get better at that Sunday Night thing....)

Anyway -
It's been my experience that when we really try to make our Sundays a day to recharge our spirits, the rest of the whole week is more productive, and more positive. I don't know exactly what that's about, but I REALLY, REALLY know it's been true for us.

So, back to Puff - sitting in a dorm of loud music, people swearing, throwing footballs, blaring MTV, (insert cheesy movie dorm scene here)...whatever college kids do on their "off" day. I'm so pleased that she's already recognized the problem, and would LOVE to give her some ideas. I've been trying to think of things that she can do there in the dorm, that would be appropriate for Sunday, and yet not really single her out as a weirdo.

** Hey, in my dorm we listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, stayed in our church clothes, and either read scriptures and lessons, or sat around telling faith promoting experiences we've had in our lives. -- I'm guessing that in any other dorms, besides BYU, that would have made us freakishly close to weirdos!

I do WANT her to be different than everyone else, but does she have to be labeled a "religious freak" to be different? Moderation is good in just about everything...

SO Here's what I've come up with SO FAR:

Update her blog (personal history)
Write letters
* grandparents
* family and friends
* missionaries
* thank-yous for any packages she might receive
Study her Institute or Sunday school or Relief Society lesson
Work on her calling (when she gets one)
Watch uplifting movies - Current and Classic
Do something nice for someone else.
Invite someone who needs a friend to eat lunch in the cafeteria.
Paint, draw, creative writing...

Any other suggestions or uplifting stories about keeping the Sabbath Day holy would be more than welcome at this point.


Baby J said...

This is something that I have found very difficult, especially with school starting. But, I have found that when I choose not to do homework or hang out with friends I am able to become closer to my Savior and have a better day. Somethings I choose to do on the Sabbath are: write in my journal, take naps, have family scripture study, read my patriarchal blessing, go over EFY talks, have sing alongs with my church related music,research a topic I'd like to know more about, etc. Have Puff act like she's in UTAH! :)

Becky said...

I'm so glad that she's doing well! Going to church is perfect to meet more people who are her kind of people. Sunday would be a perfect day to develop those relationships, and not be labeled a weirdo! What about taking a walk with a friend? Scrapbooking? If things are too loud she can always listen to softer stuff on her I-pod?

kristen said...

That's tough, and I can't even imagine it (I was sheltered at the Y). I think everyone's given great suggestions thus far. If it's too crazy I would consider moving to an apartment....maybe she can find other LDS singles her age.

Earl said...

One of our daughter-in-laws found that she had to spend as little time in the dorm as possible. There was just too much less than uplifting stuff going on. She spent a lot of time at the Institute and there was one local family that opened their doors to their daughter's college friends. It was a great place to hang out. Nine years later, they still go over there for Sunday dinner about once a month.

"Buns of Steele" said...

Have I already mentioned that "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" is on VH1 on Sundays? At least, that's what I heard.

Jen23456 said...

Ahh I struggle with this even at my young age of :) Maybe something proactive, like scrapbooking, or blogging? Or taking it on herself to meet and hang out wtih new kids in her ward. Invite someone to make brownies with you and then take them to a cute guy's apartment? hummmm