Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Finally Fall!

Is it too early to get my fall decorations out? Not the Halloween ones just yet, but the fall. I'm READY!

One of my favorite things about Colorado is the changing seasons. And the fact that we have them. But I spend my whole year tapping my toe and not-quite-patiently waiting for autumn, like a kid during December waits for Christmas.

I love fall. I love high school and college football (go cougars!), and falling leaves, and drives in the mountains to see the colors. I love crisp nights that make you snuggle up when you leave your window open. I love sweaters and jeans, and cute little skinny scarves that you can wear indoors or out. I love MUMS and if I didn't feel so guilty about killing every plant I buy, I would have bought more than just 2 pots today at Wal-Mart.

I love cooking with apples and pumpkin. Soups that cook in the crock-pot all day, and make a meal with homemade bread at dinnertime.

I adore the warm colors; wearing them and using them to decorate my front door area both inside and out. I love buying school supplies, as you know. I love watching the storms as they start to roll in over the mountains. And fires in the fireplace.

I love choosing pumpkins in the pumpkin patch - even if the pumpkin patch is in front of the supermarket. Clearing out the garden and getting it ready to put to bed for the winter. Planting EVEN MORE tulip bulbs in the front yard.

I love running in the early mornings when its 55 degrees and not 85.

Yep, I'm addicted like it's crystal meth. Only it smells better. (Like I would know!?!)


kristen said...

I love fall. It's my favorite season. Changing leaves are the best. I too actually like living in a place that actually has all four seasons; although by February I'm hating winter.

Bring out them fall decorations!

Heather said...

I'm so excited too! Pressing apple cider is a fabulous fall tradition- you should try it.

East of Eden said...

I love fall too, but I dread the fact that winter follows.

So what is your verdict? I have been debating on setting out my fall decos too. Of course my perpetual 4th of July decorations will always stay up, but you can spruce up the stars and stripes with punkin's and ears of corn.

Ohhhh.....can I say too, my pumpkins in my back yard patch have started to turn orange? I got really excited about that the other day, maybe too excited. I'm a dorky-dork like that.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

except for the very last part (ha), reading your post made me feel like i was wrapping a homemade quilt around me and sipping on hearty soup. good post. thanks for your awesome sweet emails lately. you are a dear, kathleen

Scuttle said...

I just love fall. There is something about it. I'd say it's Sept. go for it. Decorate until your heart content. I would have already done so except I'm packing instead of unpack the fall stuff!

Earl said...

Fall, I guess it happens somewhere.
We have had over 100 degree weather for 31 of the last 33 days, and the other two were 99 degrees. We are scheduled for 100 degrees plus for the next two weeks more or less. My kindergarten curriculum talked about fall the other day. I skipped that. They have no point of reference.... yet.

JustRandi said...

OK- it appears to be unanimous. The fall decorations come out tomorrow! YEA!

Kristen - you can be my bff because of everything you said.

Heather - I wouldn't have the foggiest... Do you need special equipment for that?

EOE- I'm jealous of the pumpkins. This year our vines got some disease and dried up before the pumpkins had a chance. They look like tiny grapefruits.

Kathleen- That's exactly how fall makes me feel too. Even the last part. (HA)

Scuttle - why are you packing?

Earl - You made me laugh out loud, even though it's so so sad that your little guys won't know about fall for awhile. Doesn't that cactus even turn red or something?

Bananas said...

I'm right there with you. Fall is my FAVORITE season. I love the crisp, cool air... the changing colors of the leaves... all of it!

East of Eden said...

Having grown up in the Phx metor area, I can also say that when you talk about fall, you might get confused looks?!! Huh??

My mom always used to show her little students picutres from my sister's house in the east, then they sort of understood.

Around the end of December or January the leaves on the trees in Phx kind of change--they turn a very sick chartreuse, and fall off, then they grow back in Feb and by March, everyone is running around in swim-suits again! What fun in Arizona!

Hope4Hannah said...

I can NOT believe that my MOTHER just made a reference to Crystal Meth..... i dont even know what to say... lol

JustRandi said...

Hi Bananas! Welcome to the blog!

And Hannah- maybe if you checked in more, you'd see more of my um, questionable references and you wouldn't be so shocked. Call your mother!

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

your last comment here was a hoot!

look, i can :) again

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

and your last line of your post is still "cracking" me up! urggh! hahahah

thanks for making me smile friend,
kathleen :)