Monday, September 24, 2007

What We Didn't

As you might have heard, today, Sept 24th, has been designated family day. I don't know about you, but we've been bombarded with radio commercials, print ads, and even posters in the grocery stores encouraging us to eat dinner as a family. When did we - as a country- reach this sorry state?

For some families it's asking too much to even turn off the tv during dinnertime, so TVLand network got in on the hype and went show-less for a 2 hour period this evening. Seriously, people.

Since we regularly eat together as a family, this wasn't a monumental event for us, but I will let you in on the conversation of tonight - being in the spirit of the "holiday" and all...

Me: SO...everyone think of 2 interesting things that happened to you today.
pause here while people begin thinking of fascinating conversation starters involving the day's events.
Mimi: Well, I didn't get hit in the head with a sewing machine.

Me: Oooo-kay.
pause here to mentally award Mimi the Conversationalist of the Year award because - well, dang, girl!
Me: You want to expound on that?

Mimi: No. Just sayin' that it's different than what happened on Friday, that's all.

Me: ooooo-kay.

Lizzie: Hey, that doesn't count for one of her things, right? Because if that counts for her, then I want to say that I didn't get attacked by a band of mutant spiders.

Me: Well, see, the thing that makes Mimi's interesting and makes it different is that last Friday, you didn't actually get attacked by..........nevermind.

Lizzie: I also didn't get to ride on a flying carpet today with a prince. AND nobody took me driving yet.

Me: Well, could you stop listing things you didn't do today, and just tell us something you did?

Lizzie: If I promise not to list more things I didn't, can I drive to get the valve oil I need for band?

And that's where I cut my losses and made the deal. We did eventually get back to what people DID today, but frankly, what we DIDN'T was much more interesting.


kristen said...

Sounds like great dinner conversation.

And seriously, 'family day'? Sad, sad, indeed.

Kimberly said...

Okay, your kids are fabulously creative! Kudos!

Heather said...

How does one go about getting hit in the head with a sewing machine... I'm intrigued.

Becky said...

I agree...the case of the killer sewing machine sounds like a post in and of itself!!!

Melissa said...

I guess I don't watch enough tv... I had no idea that today was National Family Day... so, what does it say about me if I had leftovers at 4:30 by myself, 2 of my kids had cold cereal at 4:45, my other child had leftovers around 5:30 and my hubby ate when he got home from work??

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi dear:
i didn't fly to england today.

cute post to hear all the bizarre conversation. hubby told me after we all had dinner that today was eat dinner as a family day. i was like, oh, we do that anyway .. but i was also thinking what a weird thing that a society has to announce that to remind people to do that???? nice to see that you feel the same way and i was not alone in my thinking on this weird thing today.

and yippeee, we had another family prayer tonight. i think this new habit (roughly a month now) in our/their lives is really sticking! can you see my smile from here? it is reflecting off of your daughter's forehead :)

this is good,
hope your night is great and slide to the left he he ... it cracks me up to tell you that,
kathleen :)

Sue said...

How funny! You have clever kids!!!