Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bless Us All

Last night for Family Home Evening, we had a lesson about prayer, taught by Lizzie and the great plan of happiness, taught by Mimi. I was actually quite impressed with the lessons and with their gospel knowledge. Lizzie even had appropriate scriptures ready, and was able to find another one she wanted on the spur of the moment. Mimi had hand drawn illustrations, which I will try to get a picture of to post. They were pretty cute.

Then we went in to watch a Christmas movie. And though there are about eleventy billion versions of A Christmas Carol (and we have roughly half of those in our Christmas movie collection), the version The Brain picked was the Muppets. Seriously. Truth be told, he's always had a thing for Muppet humor.

So we settled in to watch. And though I haven't seen this one for at LEAST 5 years or more, I was surprised to find that I remembered lots of the movie, and almost all the songs. And I remembered why I liked it so much. It's more fun than preachy. You know how some of those Lifetime Originals can get a little on the pious side.

And yet, I found my eyes welling up at the thought of little Tiny Tim not being there, and of Ebeneezer finally being welcomed in, which is all he really ever wanted in the first place. And I think all that most of us really want. A place to be wanted, loved, and safe.

It made me think about the charmed life I lead, and made yesterday's post seem embarrassingly ungrateful.

How lucky am I? To have children who know and love the gospel? To have the chance for all of us to be together for Christmas? To have a wonderful house, health insurance, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. (not necessarily in that order.)And a hundred more things I could list.

And so I'm making a new goal to be a little bit more grateful, and a little bit more patient this season.

All because of a crippled frog.


Heather said...

I love the muppets too.

Tonya said...

Who doesn't love the muppets? A Christmas carol (just about any version) gets me everytime. I too feel very blessed. I'm glad you had such a nice family home evening.

Nancy Face said...

This is why "A Muppet Christmas Carol" is one of my two favorite Christmas movies! :)

Your FHE sounds perfect to me! We loved ours last night, too...although it required no preparation on our part! My youngest son had his winter choir concert at the junior high, which really was a Christmas concert, complete with songs about Jesus (and one lovely Hannukah song, sung in Hebrew)! Amazing, huh? And my son had a little surprise for the family...his first solo part, on The Chipmunk Song! :D

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a wonderful family home evening.

Another great post, randi. Thank you.

kristen said...

Yeah, I don't have that one. I DO have Elf, which is awesome.

Thanks for sharing the sentiments.

jjstringham said...

Yay! I just watched the Muppets Christmas Carol yesterday too. I love that movie!

No Cool Story said...

That was so beautiful.
Down to the "All because of a crippled frog."


Kimberly said...

We have just about every Muppet movie, plus the first two seasons of the show on DVD. And I seriously cry every time I watch that one. So very heart warming.

Melissa said...

Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my favorites! Isn't it wonderful when you get that feeling of peace and gratitude from such an odd source? I love it!

Heidi said...

Those crippled frogs are generally the wisest.

Is it weird that I've never seen that movie?

Lena said...

Oh I LOVE that movie! Well, that's one thing a blog does. It's great (or terribly embarrassing in many of my cases) evidence of our growth and things we've learned. I'd love to see the hand drawn illustrations!