Tuesday, January 8, 2008

House of Crabby

Yesterday marked the first day of the Discovery Health Body Challenge. (It's not too late to join, by the way.) So I went over to Bally's and spent some time on the cardio machines, and the weight machines. Then I made the huge mistake of getting on the scale in the locker room. It was worse than I thought.
I calculated that in the last year, I have gained approximately 22 pounds. Which is NOT, you know, ok with me.

So all these thoughts that have been rolling around in my head for the past few months, about "really should be" eating better, and "really should be" exercising more? They suddenly jelled into a rock-solid thought in my head, and frankly, it gave me a huge headache. (literally!)

I came home determined to do something about this situation immediately. Today. And Yesterday if possible. (Which, of course it isn't, but I did play the "if only" game with myself for about an hour before I finally snapped out of it.)

In the last 24 hours since The Big Realization, I've have some smaller realizations: (in no particular order)

  • Unfortunately, my new awareness is going to put kind of a cramp in the past year's eating style.
  • Also my sleeping-in style and my procrastinating dinner planning-oh well we'll just have noodles again style.
  • I thought it was also going to cramp my drinking lots of Diet Coke style until about 3 pm yesterday, when I decided that if I quit the Diet Coke thing at the same time as the eating thing, the sleeping in thing, the new exercise thing, I may not have enough energy to get off the couch-thing, let alone get on the treadmill in the evening. Also I might decide I had nothing to live for. Also my family may very well kick me right out the door because of my current state of ultimate crankiness. And really none of us deserves that.
  • This will likely also put a cramp in my blogging style. First, because I will no longer be spending hours on the computer, surfing, commenting, and "writing" (for lack of a better term).
  • Secondly, at least for the first little while, this detox from extra food and extra sugar, is making me very dramatic. And crabby. I'll try not to let it spill over here too much, but you've got to expect some overlap - after all, this is pretty much what is playing on a constant loop in my brain.
  • And Third - more grammatical errors. I've rigged up a laptop station over my treadmill, and it's more difficult than you might think to walk fast and type at the same time.

But all in all, it's going to be better. I remember very clearly how great it felt a year ago to be pretty fit, and I'm anxious to get back there.

I AM going to make it happen. I just hope we all survive the journey.


Melissa said...

I'm game! I got on the scale Sunday and cried... I gained 5 pounds over the holidays. The last time I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks I was pregnant. AND I'M NOT PREGNANT. So, I ate raisin bran this morning and as soon as Little Bug is out the door I'm gonna get on the elliptical... we can do this!!

"Vern" said...

Oh, honey. Do you want to meet at See's?

Yvonne said...

Rather than say-"let's go on a cruise to Madagascar", I'll say--"I know you can do it!!!" Even as I read your post, I cannot imagine you CRABBY!!!

Lots of luck ; )

kristen said...

Blogging and treadmill-ing.....I need to figure out how to do that; that would be awesome.

Dude, don't give up the DC AND everything else. That's too much at once. First things first.

PLEASE don't slow down on the blogging. We all love you too much.

The Wiz said...

First of all, NEVER trust a scale at a gym. They're designed to make you feel like you need to go back more and more. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Seriously, why on earth would a gym make an accurate scale? It's just bad for business.

Second of all, water, water, and more water. Diet Coke if you want, but water as well. Easy to do, cheap to do, seriously helpful in every way.

And blogging and treadmilling at the same time is the most brilliant thing I've ever heard.

Eat fat. Truly. You will feel full longer, you will not crave as much, and your body will thank you. Just make it the cheese, eggs, and marbled meats kind of fat, and not the cookie and Crisco type of fat. (you know, real food, no fake crap) Americans are obsessed with 'fat free' and we're fatter than ever. Your body needs fat. It just needs good fat.

And my last advice, don't be obsessed with numbers. Your bones should be more dense and they add wight. Muscle adds weight. Just notice how you feel, let that be your guide and not the numbers game.

Kimberly said...

Fight that fluff, babe! Fight it!

Make and Takes said...

I have been putting off the inevitable "resolutions" as well. I too want to procrastinate life and cook mac'n cheese again for dinner. But my butt did get off the couch as of yesterday. I even went to a dance class at the Gym!

I bet your laptop/exercise station would work better with a sit down stationary bike. :)

mindyluwho said...

I love the treadmill/blogging thing. Problem is I am at the gym, so can't rig it up. They need to make a bike with internet access for use at the gym...

Good luck with all the changes!

kristi said...

Go Randi, You can do it! Do you want to start swimming with me on Tuesdays? I'm trying to fit that into my schedule, and would love some company!

Lauren said...

Wanna hear a secret? Working out first thing in the mornings burns fat...working out anytime during the day burns whatever you ate so far that day. I try to work out in mornings even though I would rather be sleeping :(

You can do it girl!

JustRandi said...

Melissa- YES. We Can.

Vern - Yes! I mean, no. (well...)

Yvonne- good thing you're not here right now.

Kristin- I know, right? I'll post a picture sometime.

Wiz- All fantastic advice. Esp about the scale. And the Water. Well, and the fat and the numbers.
Ok, all of it.

Kim - you and me, baby. You've inspired me.

Make and Take- I would LOVE that. Unfortunately, I don't have one.

Mindy- Can you imagine how popular that gym would be? Seriously, internet cafe/gym. You'd have to bring your own computer, though. I don't want to use anyone else's sweaty keyboard. ewww.

Kristi- absolutely

Lauren - I'm trying for both morning and evening. That should take care of it, don'tcha think?

Tonya said...

Ugghhh, I am soooo not there yet. I'm happy that you are and I am here to support and uplift and all that good stuff that a good internet friend should.

You can do it!!! Maybe you will inspire me. No pressure ;o)

Caroline said...

I wish I only gained 22 pounds this last year. Dang babies.

Sue said...

I'm totally inventing a treadmill with built in laptop. Totally.

Nancy Face said...

GOOD LUCK! I know you can do it! Keep your Diet Coke, but drink water, too! :)

I work out over an hour a day, six days a week...and I STILL gained weight over the holidays! Stinkin' metabolism! >:(

The only way for me to lose weight is to keep up that ridiculous routine AND follow a strict diet! Put that together with blogging, and one can see why I never get anything done, haha! :D

No Cool Story said...

You gotta have something to live for is what I say.
Best of luck, you can do it!

Are you reading this treadmilling or sitting down?

Anonymous said...

I am down 20 lbs. (hopefully today - it was 18 lbs. last week) on the WW plan. The one thing that I have noticed, beside my clothes fitting again, is that I am in a better mood than I have been in ages! So, even though a little crabbi-ness is normal, you and yours can look forward to a happier as well as healthier you, soon.! Good luck!

East of Eden said...

fight the fluffy!

I would agree with the Wiz about the gym scale...they are oft times calibrated wrong. Get a scale in your own home and use it at the same time every day, or week to weigh yourself.

As for making helahty habits, go with one thing at at time, you will will give up! Take it in week incriments.

As for eating right, you can do it, and if you'd like I can send you some good WW recipes I have, or just look in my Chicken Fat blog under recipies.

OCD Rant said...

the diet coke thing made me laugh :)

OCD Rant said...

I (I being my husband) also made a laptop shelf for the treadmill, but I use it to plug my brain directly into sex and the city dvds - motivating for workouts.