Sunday, January 20, 2008

Los Angeles Fun - And Not Fun - But Mostly Fun.

This week has been a blur! I spent it with some of my favorite people ever. I love being with my family and extended family. You know those kind of people that make you want to be just a little better? Yes, those people are my relatives. What an amazing group!

We were in Los Angeles at a big home and gift show. These ladies are all part of a very successful business that I am getting ready to expand into Denver, so we were looking and buying, and finding wonderful gifts and decorating items. We shopped, we ran around, and we laughed like crazy people for the duration.

I’d thought I’d just do a quick post every day, and not even mention that I was out of town, but there was no time. Absolutely NO TIME. Sorry about disappearing without warning.

We got to see some interesting things, though. Like this:

Apparently there are people in the world who think a fuzzy Jesus statue would make a perfect gift.
Incidentally? I am not one of them.

So originally I had thought I would write about our adventure trying to find the Outback Steakhouse. I mean, nothing says “carjack the clueless” like 6 white women in a mini-van trying to navigate through the tall buildings and one way streets of downtown LA. But I’ve spent way more time on that post than I usually do, and people … there is just no way to tell that story as funny as it was. And if you were one of the 6 people there, and you disagree, well, heck, you write it up and I will link you or completely reprint your version right here.

Suffice it to say that it involved a minivan, a very competent driver named Tami, a semi-competent GPS named Lola, and driving in circles around the freeways of downtown LA with 6 very tired and hungry women, who pretty much could not stop laughing long enough to hear the GPS giving directions. Incorrect directions, I might add.

At the same time Lola was (not) taking us to the Outback, my sister and I were trying to teach my mom and cousin how to use the predictive text feature on their cell phones.

Which as you might guess, lead us to some pretty interesting text messages. I have one right here from Laura, who knows how I feel about the word hysterical, and thought she’d be a comedienne and send a little message telling me what she thought of our situation. Weren’t we all surprised when her new predictive text skills helped her send the message:

Randi – this is girltesticl

Oh, we eventually made it to the Outback IN BURBANK , because we are determined women, and we decided NOT to let that Lola have the last word. After listening to her give directions for an hour and a half, we finally turned her OFF, and Tami called her husband 1000 miles away for some real directions. He did get us there, but only because he is a very very patient man!

Snaps for Tami’s husband!!

Yesterday I had another LAX airport horror story. Which I will spare you here. I’ll just say that I got to the airport at 2:30 pm yesterday and finally arrived home at 1 am this morning. So I will be spending the rest of today relaxing and watching the Amazing Race with my family. Tomorrow is another day.


jjstringham said...

Yay! You're back! I was wondering what happened to you.

See? Just because I don't comment does NOT mean I don't read.

Caroline said...

Glad you had fun! Plus, I'm SO GLAD that TK and Rachel won!

N.F. said...

Oh! You weren't too far from me! I have very funny comment about predicative texting and "pointy bombs".

OH, and my mom is watching Amazing Race right now and I just told her that *I* know who wins! Thanks to Caroline's comment!

N.F. said...

PS. So, my mom yells back at me, "DO NOT TELL ME!"


No Cool Story said...

Sounds like fun and very bloggable fun if I may add.

I'm sorry Lola became self-aware and tried to sabotage your outing. I love my GPS, but I often turn to late or too early because I have a problem with yards and stuff.

You know what Michael Scott said about GPSs: "Computers are about trying to murder you in a lake"

kristen said...

Glad you are still here. I was feeling a little lost w/o my daily dose of randi. Glad you had fun.

Kimberly said...

Yay, yay and...oh yes, yay!

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you're back.

I lived in Southern California for 1 1/2 years and DO NOT MISS driving the highways ONE LITTLE BIT!

Heather said...

Wow, sounds like fun! I can't believe you passed up the Jesus statues... you may be missing a HUGE niche market in CO! :)

mindyluwho said...

Once I was on a road trip in SLC with some ladies and there was a lot of road construction goin on. We spent an hour and a half driving in big circles from one freeway to another and back before finally finding the right exit, which we had kept passing because the sign was little tiny marker. I wonder where Lola would have led us!

Glad you're back! said...

hi randi,
i'm glad you're back girlie. even when you have a yick moment, you are still funny about it. quite the wild word you listed there ma'am he he.

i am flying to utah in a couple weeks and i am not looking forward to the possible delays or hassles. sorry you had a rough time again. i would kiss your boo boo and make it better hon. he he.

take care and enjoy the race,
kathleen :)

Melissa said...

It sounds like... fun... um, wait, was it fun? I'm kind of confused ;)

"Vern" said...

note to self: the valentine's day gift I was looking for is apparently for sale in Los Angeles

Lauren said...

I want one of them fuzzy Jesu Christo figurines. The pink one would look angelic in my bedroom.

Lauren said...

It would give me warm fuzzies...

literally and figuratively (figuratively haha...pun intended)

Jimmy said...

NO fuzzy Jesus statues is right. The fuzz comes right off 'em anyway.
You guys held up very well. Mona, my GPS pulled the same nonsense with me, only she didn't survive. She's gone to a better place now.

Outback is great, isn't it? Even if you have to go to BURBANK to eat there.

Funny stuff!

Nancy Face said...

Hooray! I'm glad you had mostly fun! But the most important part is that in spite of Lola's determination to sabotage you all, you still got your Outback!

Yum, I want me some Outback!

I'll pass on the fuzzy statues! :0

Lena said...

Oh my! SOunds like some trip. You need to at least write more down for memory's sake. Not it's something you're likely to forget... And no, you didn't offend me. I've just been super busy- still reading though!

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I came here from Kimberly's blog. I'm also an Amazing Race fan - and maybe your return trip was preparation/ rehearsal for the day when you go on the TV show!!!

Jenny said...

Even now it makes me laugh. What a crazy night. You make it sound like such an adventure.
You're going to have to share your airport nightmare! I hope you were next to a plug to do some surfing on the computer.....

Tami Vincent said...

Wow! what a great time. I cant believe all we got done, how much fun we had, and finding the fuzzy Jesus statue that was the best find. Im so glad to find your blog. I feel like I can stay in tough now. Love ya