Friday, January 4, 2008

No Resolutions for Me

I've quit making New Year's resolutions.

See, what used to happen was, I'd get all gung-ho about 8 different things, and then when I'd mess up one of them, I'd just toss the whole list into the round file and go back to my regular unenlightened life.

I started a new system a few years ago that's actually working better for me. It still involves goals and change, just not quite so much at once.

There are times of the year that just seem to be more naturally motivating to me for different things. Like, say, in December I'm quite motivated to eat homemade pralines one after the other until I have a sugar high sweeter than a houseful of puppies jumping on a 4 year old.

But I guess that's not the kind of motivation I started out to talk about.

In January, I make one or two physical goals. ( I bet you saw that coming, after I just described my December!) It just seems like the whole world (at least my whole world) is thinking about this, and I can use the support.

I make my spiritual goals for 6 months at a time in April and October. For all you non mormons, that would be right after the prophet of the lds church speaks to the membership twice a year. I love hearing what's on his mind, and usually it's something I could pretty well work on.

My educational goals are made in August/September when the kids go back to school. There's just something motivating about a brand new set of colored pencils and a pristine wide lined journal - found on sale of course - that makes me want to go out and you know, learn something.

Financial goals are made during Tax time - for obvious reasons....

And even though I don't really spring clean, there's still something about opening up the windows and airing out the place that makes me think I could use a few housecleaning goals. Ok it usually makes me think I could use a whole new system.

I think the key for me is just changing one thing at a time. If I'm already 6 weeks into one goal, it's easier for me to start another without disrupting my life too much.

At least it's more of a gradual change than a feeling that I am (or should be) living someone else's life. Which maybe I am, or at least I should be.

(Whoo, I should probably lay off the Diet Coke. Sadly, there's really not a time of the year that that would be convenient for me.)


Yvonne said...

That sounds like a great plan. I love the way you have it scheduled--wonderful idea! Love having the spiritual goals connected with General Conference. Great idea.

kristen said...

Who says our goals have to restricted to January?

Good for you. Sounds like you are constantly setting goals, constantly accomplishing things.....which is the way it should be.

You go girl!

Kimberly said...

You are so brilliant. Yay you!

Heather said...

Oh, how much more praise can a girl take?

I guess we'll find out, WAY TO GO ON THE GOALS, Randi!

I'm a big fan of setting goals through the year, but January is always a reminder for me to start reflecting on what I want to do.

JustRandi said...

Yeah, this came off kinda weird. I didn't really mean for it to end up such a "yea for me" post.

... Just wanted to throw another idea out there if you were feeling guilty about not writing a list of resolutions yet.

So what month is good to give up the Diet Coke?
(Did you ever see the movie Airplane? That thing about the guy picking the wrong month to give up smoking, drinking, drugs, and whatever else. I don't know. It just made me giggle.)

kristi said...

yeah, change and goals are good things. I like to plan mine, but they never seem to get out of the planning stage. I could plan forever. . .

Melissa said...

I love the way you go about your goals! What a fantastic system... I may just steal it... :D

mindyluwho said...

I like your way of thinking!

No Cool Story said...

Ditto about New Year goals.
I like your system better.


No Cool Story said...

PS: Yea for you! ;)

Sue said...

We are supposed to have SPIRITUAL goals?

Oh, man. I am SO going to hell.

Tonya said...

That sounds like a smart way to do it. I'm going to make a list of goals for the year but know that I am going to work on one at a time.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I made a resolution to cut back on blogging.

And here I am.

I am sticking with my resolution to give up the yummy goodness of Pop Tarts though. By small and simple steps.

Nancy Face said...

What a great idea! I wish I had thought of it! :0

I especially love the idea of setting spiritual goals in April and October. :)

ganelle said...

There is simply never a good time to give up Diet Coke. I say, make a resolution to give up trying to give up Diet Coke?
And I'm with you on the anti-New Year's stuff. I do much better at little pieces throughout the year.
Or better yet, set REALLY small, accomplishable goals. Like, shower every day, or, do a load of laundry. That way you can have a sence of accomplishment without that nagging sence of failure. Works for me!!!

Lauren said...

I like your goal plans. I never thought of setting goals THROUGHOUT the year. You are amazing for thinking outside of the box...because I sure don't.