Thursday, May 8, 2008

One of the Many Reasons I Don't Like to Shop

Yesterday my daughters and I were dress shopping for one of the many end-of-school events this time of year.

We ran into this lady on our way in to one of the stores.

She's an 86 year old body builder, and no, it wasn't this actual woman, but it she was definitely a body builder, and definitely over the age of 65.

Then we ran into this woman. In the dressing room, with an entire Kohl's cart loaded with clothes from the junior section.

Well, of course it wasn't THIS woman, but it was an older woman (again, 65+) with very long black hair done in 2 braids - oh, and she had 1 inch gray roots. And did I mention the clothes she was trying on - all from the junior section?

This may seem really judgmental. In fact, it IS really judgmental and I should probably hit the delete button at this point. But I have to ask -
When did it stop being OK to just grow old gracefully? I mean, I work out, and I try to look current and stylish, but heaven knows there are some things I just will never wear in public again. Like short-ish athletic shorts, or a flirty, puffy, tutu skirt, or gigantic hoop earrings.


I want to do this gracefully, and not be so obsessed that it's scary to be around me.
I want grandkids to sit on my lap because they want to, and because it's cozy to be there, both physically and emotionally.

What's wrong with this?

or this?

Or even this?

It's OK, ladies, to grow older. Be proud of your wisdom, your experiences, and the things you've accomplished. You don't need to try for a 25 year old body anymore. And you can be stylish and classy without being faddish and trendy.

It's just distressing. And another good reason to label shopping as an evil chore.

Like I needed another reason.


Laurie said...

I totally agree with you!!! Past a certain age, TRYING to look younger makes you look OLDER!

And yeah... I HAVE a 25 year old body ... It's not something to try for!! :D

Melissa said...

Ya know, if women all over the world would just accept themselves as they are, it would bring about world peace! So, who wants to start? :)
(Yes, I'm still bloggy breaking... I just couldn't resist)

Lynell said...

Thank you, thank you! I am a mom with adult kids and it is okay to look like it! Right?!

My friend told me a funny story. He 8 year old daughter came up to her one night and said "Mom, you look hip" then she added "you should go change."

That probably says it all.

TheDillon6 said...

ohmygosh, Randi, I love you! What a GREAT post. It's too bad those ladies won't be able to read it. We had a 10-year bday over the weekend and I was rather unimpressed with one of the girls' behavior...when her Mom showed up for her it all made sense, and then I was really sad for her...for both of them, really. it's good to have the Gospel as a foundtion in life.

Heather said...


Stacey Tate said...

To ease the transition, do what I did, go buy a few of those cotton snap front house dresses from KMart. First I started collecting them as a joke--now I couldn't survive Sunday afternoons without them.
Great post.

Stacey Tate said...

To ease the transition, do what I did, go buy a few of those cotton snap front house dresses from KMart. First I started collecting them as a joke--now I couldn't survive Sunday afternoons without them.
Great post.

Yvonne said...

I was so relieved to not see my picture on this post ; )
Whew--I was sure I'd be in the "WHAT NOT TO DO" ; )
Actually, I struggle so much--I realize I'm 57, but I really don't want to look 87--nor do I want to look 27.

Great post.

kristen said...

I'm sorry you don't like shopping; I quite enjoy it.

I still like to try to be hip, but then again I don't have any children, so I can get away with it. Although there are many styles that the young ones are embracing where I question the attractiveness of them. Some weird stuff out there.

Melia said...

Amen. If women, especially high profile women would tone it down and accept the changes that knowledge and love bring, the world would be much happier in my opinion.

Kimberly said...

Right on! There's a lot to be said for age appropriate clothing, on either end of the age spectrum!

Lucy said...

Hey! That second picture down. Where'd you get that picture of me?? I was sure I had it hidden in a vault!!!!!!!!!

Mark and Jennifer said...

I agree! (I found you via the Dillon6.) Enjoyed your blog and chuckled at your "Comments Policy"!

Lauren said...

This was probably the most inspired post I have ever read! I hate when old women wear trendy clothes. It hurts my eyes...and my mind...and gives me indigestion.

Tonya said...

Amen sister Amen!!


I'd like to take this a step further and admonish some of the women in my area reaching middle age.

Ladies, when you get boob plumping treatments, bleach out your hair and comb it into a tumbleweed-like style, get your teeth capped, wear frosted lipstick, drive a big SUV, chomp your gum, and shop for the tiniest clothes you can find at Hot Topic and Abercrombie and then wear it to your child's school and soccer look IDENTICAL to all the other "trendy" moms in your pack and I can't tell you apart! Stop showing your rumps and your puffy cleavage at the grocery store, too. It's commendable that you keep yourself in great shape but there is such a thing as individuality. Rebel against the Suburban Trophy Wife Makeovers!

No Cool Story said...

Is this why I got lazzzzik?
So I could see that picture?!?

Make it go away, please, for the love of kitties.

ganelle said...

But if we actually accepted ourselves, and therefore stopped buying so many things, what would happen to the economy? My self-loathing and desire to be younger than I am is the only thing keeping the economy afloat right about now! Ha!

The Morris Fam said...


Nancy Face said...

I didn't HAVE a 25-year-old body when I was 25, haha! :D

I attempt to be stylish and classy, but to tell the truth, I don't really know how to go about it. That's when I ask my daughter if what I'm wearing is appropriate...or stupid. She ALWAYS tells me the truth! ;)