Monday, July 7, 2008

JustMe and The Brain

The Brain and I have had some "discussions" lately that we could use an extra opinion on. Maybe you could take a crack at some of these:
  • How many times in a row can you have Rice Krispie Treats for Family Home Evening, and have it still be defined as a treat?
  • If one of us is driving, and one is navigating, who is responsible for keeping the driver awake?
  • When either set of inlaws comes to visit, who should be the breakfast chef?
  • What is better? Enthusiastically jumping in to a project, or reading the directions 5 times first? (sorry, no middle ground here)
and finally
  • Since Die Hard (the TBS edited version of course) is set during an office Christmas party, does that make it a Christmas movie?


Melissa said...

Let's see...
Rice Krispie treats: 3 times... because a month of Rice Krispie treats would be a tad too much for me...
Driver vs. Navigator: For us, we just keep each other awake. During the day, if the Driver doesn't need directions, Navigator can sleep. But at night, we both try to stay awake because we both have fallen asleep at the wheel before :S
Inlaws: Whoever needs a break from the family the most should make breakfast ;)
Directions: I tend to jump into the project without reading directions... sometimes it works well, other times, not so much.
Die Hard: Can't help you there. Never seen it... we don't have TBS :)

Jumbo Shrimp said...

Rice Krispies never get old for me.

The navigator.

Serve them cereal.

Hmmm, that's a tough one. It depends on the project I think. Something that needs reading directions I go for the latter. Something that's more self explanatory, jumping into it.

I'm not a Die Hard fan so I'm gonna say no.

mormonhermitmom said...

Anything that is edible qualifies as a treat for FHE.

The navigator is an optional position so the sleepier one gets to navigate.

If you like your inlaws, let your spouse do the cooking. If you don't like your inlaws, you cook and insist you don't need any help in the kitchen. If neither of you like your inlaws, you get them a hotel room with free continental breakfast.

If you are my husband, you jump in and hope there are no problems or extra parts leftover. If you are me, you read everything at least 5 times first, and several times during the project.

Die Hard is only considered a Christmas movie if the parents are up late putting "some assembly required" toys together while eating rice krispie treats at Grandma's house after driving for 8 hours or more

Of course that's just opinion.

SusieH said...

Oooooh, such dilemmas!

Rice Krispie treats - never get old, IMO. So...always!

Navigator has to keep driver awake. Corollary: driver gets to pick the tunes.

Inlaw visits, or any visitors really - if eggs are involved, DH. He's the cooked breakfast expert. I can deal out varieties of cereal, fruit, yogurt, or bready products though...

Directions first is better, for end results. That doesn't mean it's how I roll, though :)

Die Hard - Christmas movie? LOL. Not so much, really...

Janell said...

If the krispy treats are a different color than they have been in the past two weeks they count as a different treat. No coloring is necessary if the krispies include chocolate chips or another form of chocolate.

The radio gets to keep the driver away.

When the in-laws arrive, the family head chef introduces them to the location of bowls, spoons, milk, and cereal. After that, the in-laws are in charge of their own breakfasts. The child of the in-laws is responsible for ensuring one box of cereal acceptable to the in-laws. (In the event that they don't like loopy, fruity, fizzy o's (now with marshmallows!)).

Directions first. Five times. Add in a sixth time reading the Spanish directions just to see of "Dora the Explorer" has helped your understanding of the language.

Janell said...

PS. Any movie with a Christmas Tree in one of the scenes counts as a Christmas movie ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay for us Harry Potter is a Christmas movie. They have Christmas in most of the series. Thanks for the laugh.

Kimberly said...

Hee hee! Definitely no more than a month of rice krispie treats, unless you change it up and drizzle chocolate on 'em or something.

Joint responsibility.

You should cook for you inlaws. For showing off purposes.

Depends on the project! Assembling something, definitely read five times first.

So not a Christmas movie, though that made me giggle!

Cute post!

"Q" said...

The driver.
Your own parents.
Jump in.

Yvonne said...

#1--I could eat Rice Krispie Treats every week, so I'm the wrong person to ask ; )

#2--The driver is responsible for staying awake.

#3--The local Denny's

#4--Reading the directions as many times as necessary, so you don't have to do it again.

#5--Sorry, not a Christmas movie, but a movie I watch every time it's on.

Thanks for a fun post.

the MomBabe said...

1. it doesn't matter if you make them different flavors and stuff.

2. the driver should be awake. And if they're getting tired, they should tell the navigator so they can switch.

3. Whoever is BLOOD related.

4. reading the instructions

5. It's TOTALLY a Christmas movie.

Valerie said...

#1 - 2

#2 - The navigator keeps the driver awake.

#3 - Bowl, spoon, cereal, milk. If my 6 year old can get his owsn breakfast, so can they.

#4 - Just jump right in - the directions are there if you need to refer to them and 9 times out of 10 they make less sense than just doing it anyway.

#5 - Hmm, I love Die Hard, it's really very funny for an action movie so I would vote "yes", but in the same way that 'Trains, Planes, and Automobiles' is a Thanksgiving movie.

Amy Peterson said...

It is so amazing even after years of marriage the "discussions" that take place. - I love making breakfast together when we have guests staying over. And as for instructions or not- I am all about directions, my hubby is NOT! I end up reading the directions and instructing over his shoulder.

Jill said...

* 87

*Dr. Pepper


*Hire a handyman

I'm not sure, I've never seen the movie.

Em-Cat said...

*The screaming kids in the back seat.
*Always the husband!
*Definitely enthusiastically jumping in...

Anonymous said...

I'm back visiting your blog...hope you don't mind :)

1. Rice Crispie Treats can never be served too many times in my house :) I add variations like stir in chocolate chips, peanut butter, mini-reese's pieces...etc... :) Makes it fresh & new!

2. In my family, I am the driver, I am the navigator, and I stay awake :)

3. This one is easy....My in-laws can't visit!!!! If His in-laws ((my parents)) come over, my mom & i would fix breakfast together.

4. Jump In The Project :) If I read the directions more than once, I can get overwhelmed & lost all interest! :)

5. YES!!!!

Stephanette said...

1) Rice Krispie Treats are always a treat if you add chocolate chips, toffee bits, or fruity pebbles. My personal max is 3 times.

2) Navigator sleeps unless driver is sleepy or needs directions. In our car I usually jump awake ever hour or so to say, "Are you okay?"
Driver also eats sunflower seeds.

3) The one who needs the excuse to get away from the inlaws. Or if there is a specialty. We've been known to let Dunkin Donuts be our chef at times.

4) I'm a directions for me.

5) Die Hard does not teach about Christmas and that was the definition in Mom & Dad's not a Christmas Movie. Although we always watched Sound of Music on Christmas Eve?!?

Good Luck!

TheDillon6 said...

1. as many times as you want. marshmallowy-gooey-ness are ALWAYS a treat!

2. The kids in the back...or on the cellphone if you've been so fortunate as to have ditched them with friends.

3. Simple: The Guests...who never grow too old to lovingly make breakfast for their chilren (and children-in-laws).

4. I hope I'm on YOUR team here: Enthusiastically jumping in to a project -- you only look at directions when you get stuck and start swearing.


kristen said...

1. 3, then wait 2 or 3 weeks, and go for another 3.

2. Both, but ultimately the driver.

3. Every man for himself. What is this, a bed and breakfast?

4. Jump right in. I'm usually too excited to sit and read directions. Then I get frustrated and start swearing--now it's time for directions

5. Um, heck no.

Lillian said...

Fun questions! You thought they were fun too, right?

1. I am so craving rice krispie treats now.

2. The navigator can help, but ultimately a sleepy driver can't be kept awake.

3. Switch it up daily.

4. Better? Reading the directions. But jumping in is more fun.

5. A Christmas movie that's also good all year long!

Nancy Face said...

Rice Krispies Treats will continue to be treats throughout all eternity...yum! :D

I never drive on the highway, because I will fall asleep for sure. I don't do any better at helping keeping the driver (hubby) awake. :S

I'll be the chef if they like cold cereal! :)

My hubby often jumps right in. I am one to read directions. I often end up snickering at him as he reads the directions aAFTER wasting his time not knowing what he's doing, tee hee! ;)

Diehard...I dunno!

Nancy Face said...

AFTER, not aAFTER! :/

No Cool Story said...

#1 - 3 times.
#2 - The navigator
#3 - Both (YAY!)
#5 - ALWAYS read the distructions first. ALWAYS.
#6 - Lillian took my comment.
"Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho."
That's SO Christmasy!!

Help I need a user name! said...

1. Add M&Ms, chocolate chips, skittles, or frosting to RK Treats. If they don't like them, well then, there's more for you. :)

2. The navigator.

3. Go out.

4. Jump in! Be creative! Have fun! Then read the directions, after you no longer recognize the project.

5. When Die Hard movies were current, and they kept coming out with new ones, my comment was "Just Die Already." Not a Christmas movie, but that's me, and I'm a wuss about violence.

joanna said...

For breakfast, we just put out the cereal boxes. And milk, to make it look nicer.

Maraiya said...

1. Until someone rebels and wants something else and is willing to make something more involved than Rice Krispie Treats.

2. The driver - always the driver. Hey, you can lead a hippie to water but you can't make them bathe.

3. DH is always the breakfast chef but that's because he's a much better chef than I.

4. Read the directions first; it's cheaper and takes less time then having to drive to the store to either buy a whole new product or find a replacement part because it was broken using the "man technique," if it doesn't go at first, hit it harder.

5. Absolutely. For DH anyway. And really, I think I'd it more than It's a Wonderful Life but that could be going back to the whole expectation thing.