Friday, August 15, 2008

The R List #2

That's right! It's an encore presentation of some more of my favorite things.

In case you weren't around for the first one, I'll just explain that I stole the idea from Oprah, of recommending things from time to time. Unlike Oprah, I don't give one of everything to each person in my audience. But then again, I won't make you listen to me campaign for presidential candidates that are very scary to the national security. So when you think about it, you pretty much get a better deal here.

Anyway -

First up today is my current favorite drink from Sam's Club. Ahhh, Sam's. The source of all things good.

You'll have to forgive my photography skills. If I did enough of this I'd probably get better at it.
Naa, probably not.

As you may know, I recently gave up caffeine. It was just as hard as it sounds, too. At the same time, I gave up artificial sweetners, and tried to really cut down on my sugar.

(OK, I was actually trying to give up white flour and sugar (and caffeine and artificial sweetener) all at the same time. But needless to say it made me a little cranky. As in, I might have been less cranky if someone had asked me to give up my left pinky. So I postponed the flour/sugar thing.
But that's another whole post...)

ICE is a drink with NO sugar, artificial or real, and NO caffiene. It doesn't have a lot of strong flavor, but when I want a little carbonation, it does the trick.
It comes in 3 delicious flavors, plus I really like the coolness of the tall bottle. Neat, huh?

NEXT Was a surprise entry. I was hunting for a little packet of Kung Pao mix for a Chinese dinner I was planning for the Olympic opening ceremonies night, when I found these:

They were $4.69 each at Super Target (they have them at Wal-Mart, too) and I decided, you know, what the heck?

I'll say that for under $5 (plus you have to add your own chicken) It was a darn good meal that fed 5 of us with NO problem. It's NOT authentic chinese, OK? But it was fast, cheaper than take-out, and I really liked the flavor.

And here's a little tip for you. If you decide to make the Kung Pao Chicken? Take the seeds out of the dried hot peppers (easy to do) before you add them. I only took about half of them out and it was really really REALLY spicy.

And last for the day, my Very Favorite Drink right now. Every now and then when I start feeling sorry for myself because I'm not going to drink a diet coke, but I really need a little treat, but I really don't want the calories of a little treat, (Because really, once I start, there's no such thing as a little treat.), I drive myself over to Sonic and order this. And I don't feel AT ALL deprived for even one more second.

Now, it's a tricky drink to order, so I'm gonna give you the script.


"May I help you?"

"Yes. I'd like a Route 44 size water with a shot of cherry syrup and some fresh lime."

"Uhhhh, you want water with cherry syrup in it? "

"Yes, please. and also fresh lime"


" Is that any good?"


"Would you like anything else?"

~pause here to look longingly at the jalapeƱo poppers~

"No thanks. "

"That'll be .68 cents, please pull around."

I'm telling you it's better than it sounds. I mean for a big drink of water, it's pretty good. And I have to give my sister Jen all the credit for tipping me off to this incredible Sonic goodness.

Try it - or any of these, and then come back and tell me what you think. Really, I'd love to know. In fact, future issues of the R-list may depend on it.


heather of the EO said...

would you believe we only have ONE sonic in all of the twin cities? There are a BAzillion restaurants of every variety here, but not that one...
so sad. My husband would go there every day if there were more though, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise.
I'm sorry you lost your pinky, er I mean, caffiene fix. I seriously admire a person who can pull that off! (Not your pinky, but the drinky)

Nancy Face said...

Love your Sonic script, haha! :D

I REALLY love that there is no stinkin' Obama in your post!!! :0

Becky said...

Thanksverymuch. Now you've got me craving Sonic again. What is a poor Sonic-less girl to do around here? I can't just up and hop to a neighboring state every time I want Sonic. :(

If I ever find myself near one again, I will try your concoction. I'm skeptical, but then, you're pretty convincing, too.

jjstringham said...

Grrrrr. Are you sure you don't want to give one of everything to your readers? Because I've got the same issue as Becky.


It drives me nuts. Now I'm Jonesin' for a Cherry Lime (maybe water. . . probably not) and I can't do nothin' about it. I guess I'll just have to wander over to Walmart and hope they have that sweet and sour chicken stuff. But it just won't be the same without a cherry lime to wash it down.

Earl and Vickie said...

So in Google reader this is what I see when I look at your blog. I crack up every time.

Which is the better compliment?
"Those pants look great on you!"
" You sure look great in those pants!"
(and then the title of the post below)
My Drafty Drawers

JustRandi said...


Oh, now I've GOT to start thinking of post titles with googlereader in mind. You could write a whole book!

But you'd have to do it backwards.

I don't think I'm that talented.

Elizabeth-W said...

Sonic has crushed ice. I like a limeade with strawberry.

Heather said...

So if you go during Happy Hour do you get your "water" for 34 cents???

My fav is the cranberry slush with a shot of vanilla... well this week it's my favorite. Next week, maybe something else.

Amber said...

I have to laugh because we read many of the same LDS blogs and I just read you're from Colorado!

I run a site for The Denver Post called I'd love to add you to our blogroll and have you as a part of our community! Drop me a note if you're interested.

The Dillon 6 said...

why oh why oh why must SONIC tempt and tease us?! First we have to endure their taunting ads and now your post. Why can't IIIII buy a cherry-lime-water for 68 cents?! :(

joanna said...

I love it!! I may copy your Favorite Things that you copied from Oprah and put mine on my blog . . . Right now it seems like a lot of work, though. (I'm tired...)

Anyway, I should renew my Sam's Club membership just to get one of those drinks. Looks and sounds pretty tasty!

Melissa said...

Sigh... we don't have a Sonic or a Super Target and I'm a member of Costco, not Sams. I'm 0 for 3 here!

Jenny said...

Love the waters. You also need extra ice!! :)

kristen said...

Those drinks look good. I had no idea you could order a drink like the 3rd one. I'm sure I'd get some funny looks and then I'd just have to say "My friend Randi gets them, OK?!"

Yvonne said...

I'll have to look for that chinese food at our Wal-Mart.

Wish I had read this before I left Utah--there is a Sonic right near my MIL's. (I'll have to remember it for next time ; )

Jen said...

I never knew about the Sam's water. Thanks for the tip! I've been living on the Target brand Archer Farms flavored waters, which are also pretty good.

Corrine said...

i saw a gal in my elevator with two boxes of those ice drinks. i thought they were like wine coolers..i'll have to check them out

and by the way love the R list

Rhonda said...

...the best part of the SONIC drink is their "pebble ice". Nothing is so good.

I am in Utah for a few weeks and am loving all the variety. Good thing they have none of these fun places in Connecticut, close by...or I would be a regular attendee of my local chapter of Weight Watchers. That they DO have.

Dave said...

I tried the Sonic cherry water. It's a winner.

It's just what I need, considering that forgoing sweetened carbonated beverages is my current self control experiment. (cokes are harder to skip then chocolate. who'd a thunk?)