Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sometimes Comment Sections Are Funny

Sue is still working on the Nie Nie fundraiser book!
If you haven't been over there lately, she's trying to name the book. I personally liked her working title
Sometimes Life Is Funny

but after reading through the ideas in the comment section there are some pretty darn funny ones in there that just may top even Sue's title.

Go here for a great Saturday afternoon read.
And I CAN'T WAIT for the book!

(And thanks Lisa for letting me steal your sidebar line and graphic!)


LisAway said...

I know. I keep going back to read the new ones. I'm excited to hear what it will be called. Or if she'll have a vote? Lots of people are sort of voting in the comments anyway (I'm one of them, I guess).

*MARY* said...

That comment section has been more fun to read than the comments of when she announced she was Cordy.

Sue Q said...

You were laughing at me, weren't you, Mary? That's one blog comment I'm not really proud of... but it hasn't prevented me from stalking Cordy....still.

I'm hopeless.

Anyway, what's your vote for the book title? How the heck is she supposed to be able to pick from all of them?

Yvonne said...

Those were cute. I agree with sue q--how can she pick? Speaking of pick--I liked the "Whose that child, and why is she picking her nose" or "Stuff Happens and Then We Blog About It"

Heidi Ashworth said...

I vote for anything with the word "cleverish" in its title. I think it's kinda cleverish. I also like your yellow chickie. :)

Chell said...

Thanks for the link..i had a good laugh - even if I only read it on Monday morning :)

Oh, and thanks for the email!!! Yay for email replies to comments!!!


Wahwahwhine said...

These gave me the laugh I needed. Thanks.

Nancy Face said...

I love that she's creating the book...another great way to be of help! :)