Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

When I have occasion to drive teenagers around - which is a LOT, the issue of music always comes up. (Sister JustRandi - can we turn on the radio?) And after having several bad experiences with the radio on church outings, I have now completely outlawed the radio.

(One time, we were listening to a song that everyone in the car knew except me. The girls were singing along, and I was totally enjoying my status as a "cool leader" who let people listen to "cool music" on church activities, when all of a sudden, I swear I went deaf for about 3 seconds. I mean, all sound in the car immediately stopped, then started again! See, there was an inappropriate phrase coming up, so the girl in the shotgun seat had killed the volume and everyone stopped singing for just that phrase. Then she started it back up with everyone singing right along in time.)

That was the day my status as a "cool leader" died. Let's have a moment of silence to remember it.


Now when I'm asked about music, I let them listen to anything they can find on my ipod. Oh, yes, they LOVE that. Why do you ask?

*cough* *cough*

Now I have to bring cookies in my car so that people will even consider riding with me. Sheesh.

ANYWAY - - I was thinking that there must be - somewhere in the world - some timeless, clean, classic songs that everyone loves. There MUST BE!! And I have a dream that somewhere out there, there's a playlist that I could put together where kids would just sing along with these catchy songs and hardly even know they were traveling - because they're just having so much fun.

When I dream, I dream BIG, people.

Do you think there is such a thing? And what songs would be on it?

(Maybe if you believe in that playlist, you also believe that little leprechauns will bring me a new Ipod touch with the playlist already put together??!!)


Heather said...

Ummmmm...... I got nothin! But I'm first!

LisAway said...

I really love that story. We did the same thing as teenagers whenever "dog backwards" was said or any other profanity.

Did anyone else in the world grow up calling it "dog backwards?"

Barbaloot said...

I will ride with you anytime---especially if there are cookies!

But seriously, Broadway. Driving a bunch of teenage girls around? You can't go wrong: Wicked, Jersey Boys, Aida, Mamma Mia...the possibilties are endless!

JustRandi said...

ABBA! I totally forgot how addicting ABBA songs are! Thanks Barb!

Amy Peterson said...

I don't know what to tell you! I had my own "uncool leader" moment-- the girls turned on my ipod and an unedited JT song was on there (I swear I have no idea how it got there) I almost bit the head off of the girl who turned it on! OH well!!!! There goes Sister P will all her dirty music.

Melissa said...

What about appealing to their silly sides? Maybe songs from cartoons or Sesame Street? What about the Lion Sleeps Tonight? Or some of the fun Soc Hop music from the 50's? My sister and I always loved the Beach Boys growing up. Big Band music isn't really singing along stuff, but it's sure fun to listen to. Or what about Inside Out? The first two songs on my playlist are by them... some of their stuff is funny, some is really awesome to listen to. I'll keep thinking...

Dave said...

a previous bishop said always let them pick the station. then you know what they are listening to. and when you learn that, you can veto the whole song and not just the naughty bits

for some reason, i can't get my dixie chicks playlist out of my head. it is so full of awesomeness


oh, and the killers are pretty cool and some kids like them

Heidi Ashworth said...

Happy Together by the Turtles. Even my very picky 14 year old daughter who wears A LOT of black loves that one. Plus, there are quite a few Beatles tunes in the same category, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and even Across the Universe.

jjstringham said...

You could go for some 80's/90's classics.

I'm too Sexy
U Can't Touch This
Bohemian Rhapsody
Beat It
Power of Love (reminds me of Back to the Future)
Walk like an egyptian

etc., etc. I'm not sure if they'd be "cool" or not, but maybe it'd be worth a shot.

The Mom said...

Inside Out and Voice Male have awesome songs (have you heard "Farmer Tan" and "Squirrels"?). I would create a CD of songs that are just funky songs and fun to sing to like that. And if you were my daughter's leader, I would totally thank you for turning off the radio.

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

I have a friend that could totally hook you up with a great playlist for cost. Heather knows her too. She is awesome Randi.

Annette Lyon said...

If you ever find such a playlist, be sure to let us know about it!

This reminded me of a youth leader music moment from several years ago. I maybe just have to blog about it now. Thanks for the idea.

Shelby Lou said...

ummmm sounds like me in the car the whole muting the music thing. thats bad. i suppose.
JASON MRAZ(some of his songs, most everything)
COLBIE CALLIET (or however you spell that)
SARA BAREIELLES ( LOVE SONG and thats it, but its good)
TAYLOR SWIFT (anything by her is clean and fun)
SHANIA TWAIN (total classic)
ABBA (is amazing)
FOOTLOOSE (soundtrack has girls going wild)

all of this comes from an 18 year old girl by the way..

oh and btw. LOVE the blog. I'm new, stalking.

Tay said...

As a 22 year old, I think I still have an idea of what is cool with music. Except that I've lost the ability to remember bands. Definitely all Beatles classics. Um... Definitely Taylor Swift. Not Coldplay. My 15 year old sister told me they were lame (they aren't!!). Whatever. She likes Miley Cyrus, and i think that throws her music taste into the lame category. I second awesome broadway. Oh, and soundtracks that have classic songs on them.

I wouldn't have turned off the radio. I would have made a rule that if you're going to listen to the song in the car, you are going to listen to ALL OF IT and I DON"T CARE WHY YOU TURN IT DOWN, BECAUSE YOU AREN'T THIS TIME. So there. Reverse psychology, right?

Julie said...

Joshua Radin
Jack Johnson

Just some suggestions....

But, your story totally reminded me of a leader I had when I was growing up. We were on a long trip...3 hours or so, and he said he would let anyone bring a tape of music to listen to. The first tape went in - it was Madonna. We listened to it all the way through...and we were thinking he was SO COOL. Then when it got to the end, he took it out and threw it out the window! (He said it was garbage!) Then asked if we had anything else we wanted to test out! From then on, we listened to his John Denver - Grandma's Feather Bed.... :)

Kimberly said...

I listen to a lot of newer music that's clean...don't know if the "cool" factor comes into it, but I like the fun, acoustic type stuff.

The Ditty Bops
The Weepies
Matt Costa
Oren Lavie

Here's my playlist:

Fiauna said...

I can't think of anything that would be "cool". But cookies are a great idea, especially if you like to vacuum you car a lot!

BTW, just stopping by from Mormon Moms Who Blog.

goddessdivine said...

Well, I think Pat Benatar is a definite must. And Journey; they're timeless.

I would totally do 80s and 90s, because they really need to be cultured on good music.

Yvonne said...

Been there...done that.

But I'm with Barbaloot--bring cookies and I don't care if we ever turn on the radio.

Many 6 hour trips to the temple listening to Classic Disney. I still find it funny when Kyle puts on a song from his iPod and I start singing along and he's shocked that I know the words. I laugh and say--ARE YOU KIDDING THAT WAS POPULAR WHEN I WAS IN MY 20'S or when his older sibblings were his age.

Janell said...

Maybe this will give you some ideas? I have no idea as to the quality, but it's what I'd advice.

A safer bet is probably choosing the better songs off a music video game like Rock Band's play list or DDR or somethin'.

Missy said...

Great post!

mormonhermitmom said...

I would echo

Oldies radio - 50's and 60's
Older Broadway - Phantom, Les Mis, Cats
Sesame Street spoofs of popular artists - I Lost My Cookie At the Disco, or anything Muppets

Stephanette said...

We had that problem, so I looked up the playlist that the EFY DJ's use. I started downloading those songs so that I don't have to worry about it. If I can find the link again, I'll send it to you.

My YW are just glad I don't make them listen to MoTab. The last leader felt that to prepare them for an activity, they should feel the spirit of that particular music. They don't think that MoTab prepares them for dances.

Nancy Face said...

The music I like pretty much SHOUTS how uncool I am! :P

The Pollocks! said...

when you get that playlist, can we download it onto our new kiddo's IPOD - you can't believe what comes out of it! I wish I was his real mom and could just take it away.

Miggy said...

Well if the kids are only into the radio hits, then that might limit your choices. I'm surprised by all the broadway suggestions, as much as I like going to see the plays, I don't like listening to the music outside of the play itself.

I think playlists are a great idea:

Oldies--Beach boys, early Beatles, Jackson 5 (timeless) classic doo-wop

Classic Rock--Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, James Taylor, the Doors, ABBA--if some of these bands sound "hard" trust me I can make a play list everyone will love and Zeppelin has quite a lot of soft, melodic yet still cool music.

80's--Blondie, Pat benetar, the Cure, early U2, the Cars, REM all the one hit wonders like tainted love, micky, I'l melt with you, c'mon eileen, walk like an egyptian, whip it, etc...

Good luck!

No Cool Story said...

ITA with Shelby Lou.

I had this happen to me too. I'd tell the girls
"we are not playing that song because it's eeevil"
"no, that station is of the devil"
"booo, does not meet church standards"

And my favorite: Now we are going to listen to música en Español! (groans)

I think my accent lets me get away with being uncool as they still call my van "the party van".

Cole said...

I'd let you use my I-pod but I lost it, it was stolen, but even if it was in my possesion I know it's not mutual appropriate. That's bad I know but I just can't help it. Do you know how great the Black Eyed Peas are to work out to?

Katie said...

Well, if I had been in your ward in your young women's group, I would have ridden in your car regardless of the lack of music. haha.

(So, I figured after reading your blog for months, I'd leave a comment..haha)

Janell said...

A while back I had a 19-year-old insisting that the group ought to listen to the oldie's station. I protested saying that I really didn't like doo-wop music.

To my surprise? Her "oldies" station was 70s and 80s music. Way to make me feel old.

Lippy said...

Ms. Janelle got to my punchline first. My music is "oldies". OLDIES!

I was cool until hip hop. Then I needed a moment of silence. Sigh

Lippy said...

Could I get cookies if I ride with you?

Help I need a user name! said...

Have you tried Weird Al Yankovic? He is funny and his songs are all parodies of other songs. Totally addictive!

Lee said...

Beetles. I heart Beetles!