Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

Mimi's involved in a little community teen theater, and she loves it! She likes the people, and she usually gets a fun part in whatever musical they're doing.

Anyway, there's always some drama going on in the theater. And I'm not talking about on the stage. Mostly we just put up with it, because it seems to go along with the territory. But last week there was a big blow-out. When Mimi called me to come and get her because rehearsal had closed EARLY --2 days before opening night-- I figured something was going on.

Now, I don't know what happened. But according to the kids there was an accusation of purse-stealing that ended up in the director/owner having a screaming/swearing match with one of the teens, and then doing it all over again when her mother showed up, after which all the kids were asked to leave the theater and go outside (after dark) to use someone's cell phone to call their parents to come pick them up. And while they were waiting outside? That's when the 2 police cars drove in because they had been called to the disturbance.

Oh where. do. I. start?

Mimi and I discussed it a little bit and agreed that there was a lot of unprofessional behavior and poor judgment going on, and maybe that wasn't the best environment, and as soon as this play has it's last performance she'd probably leave the theater, at least for awhile.

UNTIL -- a mere 2 days later came the GREASE announcement. Now I don't really know if he decided that he needed bribery to get people to audition for the next show or what. But if that's the case, he picked the wrong show.

I have never liked this musical. Well, that's not true. I liked it while I was sitting in the theater with the fun songs and bright colors - right up until the ending, where the boy COULDN'T turn "good" and have the relationship work out. Nope. The girl had to turn "bad". And then they all lived happily ever after.


Mimi desperately wants to audition for this. She argues that she knows her values and it's not like getting a part in a play is going to change her.

I agree.

...But why support a production that's whole basis is immorality? And then there's the swearing and asking the kids to leave thing,which I still have a problem with.

Sometimes being the grown-up really stinks.


Shauna said...

L♥ve and big warm hugs to you my sweet friend!

Heather said...

Yeah, how many more years do I have before this is my life?

Shelby Lou said...

I'm going to have to agree with Mimi. The world is full of these situations. I just think if she knows her values that is what matters. I never picked up on the immorality of it until you said something. The ending was just the ending. I guess everyone see things differently.

BUT the cursing thing and all that is inappropriate but that is the real world. That happens at high school theaters and places all the time. I guess I do live in LAS VEGAS but it happens. We just have to set the better example in those bad situations. Maybe someone could learn from Mimi's example. And like she said.. she knows her standards.

I'm a teenager tho. so you might want to tune all of that out. :D

Barbaloot said...

Ooh--good luck with that. I'm not a huge fan of Grease myself. And there are so many nasty things said/done that young kids might not get. Doesn't mean having them act them out isn't wrong.

mormonhermitmom said...

And to think I almost became a drama teacher, snicker.


I think you're a great mom by the way. Mimi sounds like a great kid. There should be some avenue available to let her follow her dream without leaving standards behind.

Amy Peterson said...

I get it! I totally get it! But, Mimi does have a life full of choices ahead of her-- that said you are the MOTHER, and it is your job to help her make the BEST decision.

I don't like the "drama" within Drama! So sorry that you guys have to deal with all of THAT!

Good Luck!!

Sue Q said...

This is a real conundrum. I love working with the theater, but there is always the question of what is appropriate, and how much you really need to expose to younger generations.

So....I have given this a lot of thought. The answer to your problem is:

A) move to wholesome Oregon where we never have this problem. (yuk yuk yuk)

B) investigate community theater groups for kids and get the heck out of dodge ... uh, high school theater productions.

C) support your school the best that you can, allow your daughter to participate with the understanding that you will be involved as a parent, and if any funny business goes on, she is OUTTA' THERE.

There's a lot more I wanted to say (and almost did, but I don't want to leave a novel in your comment box), so I'll email you the rest.

Loralee and the gang... said...

Why can't more people have standards more similar to ours?

Tay said...

I don't know, the director sounds like a doosh. I vote that you should help her realize that there are better people to work under than somebody immature like that. On the other hand, maybe she needs to learn that lesson on her own...

But Grease is still not the best kind of play/musical.

Lauren said...

Yes...the director sounds gayspice. I think you should pray about it...and have Mimi pray about it. If you both feel it's right...go with it :)

Momof5 said...

You must know that Mimi is looking at how you will decide to come through this. Yea, she will most likely have some hatred for you for a moment, but isn't that what we hope for as parents with our kids? LOL, JK! My niece (15) just did this musical at her high school where she played a big supporting role. I didn't see it for traveling reasons, but my parents went and were saddened by the profanity. Shame that the only thing they will remember about the play was the language and sexual innuendos. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities out there for theatre. Check 'em out or be a part of the change in this one. The playwrights receive royalties for these productions. Does it send a message that they can now go forward with something even more outrageous? I'm just sayin'. Yea, the whole swearing at the kids thing would make me a little uncomfortable too. Tough call. Will keep you prayed up! God Bless!

goddessdivine said...

Of all the fabulous plays that could be picked, they pick Grease?! This just goes to show the overall depletion of morals in our society; drama teachers feel they must pick a moral degenerate production to peek the interest of teens. Sad.

Mimi sounds like a great kid with a good head on her shoulders. But there's nothing wrong with taking the high road and picking other acting alternatives that don't have a psycho director nor ask the kids to sing about teenage pregnancy and mocking wholesomeness. Life is about choices, which means making the choice to not participate in activities/programs that don't correlate with our values. I'd be quite hesitant to let her participate. But that's just me--a single gal in her early 30s who gets to teach prepubescent kids all day who are overexposed to a world devoid of values.

Good luck with whatever you guys do.

happy mommy said...

Just tell Mimi that Marie Osmond turned down the role of Sandy in the movie because of the questionable morals and the fact that she thought the girl turning bad to get her man was a poor message to give to young girls.

I mean, that would've carried a lot of weight for the 70s...with my Donny and Marie poster on my wall...

Yvonne said...

It's always amazing to me when you tell them and they have some time to think about it and then they realize that they really do know what is right--they've been taught it all along.

Hang in there, mom.

That Girl in Brazil said...

I was a big theater geek in high school. But I did sit out a couple productions because I just couldn't stand the "atmosphere" any longer.

This is one you have to decide together.

Terresa said...

Good luck w/your decision.

PS: I watched Grease in 1st grade and my dad was a Bishop at the time. Just a thought. ;)

PPS: found you on MM blogs. Love the look of your blog!!

The Pollocks! said...

Thus the reason I haven't done a production there for several shows! It's totally the drama-within-the-drama that I hate about that place. I'm in the current one, and am reminded almost weekly about why I haven't been involved lately. . .I say ditch the place. =)

Sue said...

Mimi knows her values but what message will she be giving everyone watching the play and acting in the play if she chooses to participate in Grease? They're not going to think "Well, we know she's a good girl...."
Just my 2 cents ;)

Heather of the EO said...

I have no advice. I can't pretend to, but I will validate by saying that it IS really hard to be the grown-up and try to figure this stuff out.

Just that you're thinking so much about it speaks to what a great mom you are. Just sayin'

Stephanette said...

I agree with Lauren. Both of you need to pray about it.

I lived in a very small town and our entire high school is probably smaller than Mimi's class, but everyone noticed each move I made. It wasn't until just a few weeks ago that I realized how closely I was watched - a classmates mom came up to me at the library and told me how much her son admired me because of the choices I made when I thought no one was watching. I was shocked - he wasn't necessarily a friend and while he knew I was alive we didn't really talk ever.

I hope this turns out well.

beckers said...

Ugh, what a horrible situation!! I can't believe the part about the screaming/swearing, and then sending the kids outside in the dark?!?! What was he thinking!!??

I agree with what others have said....especially Lauren. Pray about it.

When you make the right choice things will fall into place.

Dave said...

umm, i've got 2.5 boys, so maybe i'm wrong, but..

with teenage girls in the house, isn't there enough drama without adding idiot directors to the mix?

No Cool Story said...

Idiot adults is what I'm saying.

I watched Grease when I was 9 (my half-sister took me to see it), I did not watch it again until I was 23 and was shocked to discover how dirty the whole thing was!

Roxie said...

The ending of that play really ruins it. I too have a problem with who had to change.

I've done theater in the past, and I've heard the argument that it's just a role and doesn't represent what your values are. But that's a line I really don't want to cross.

VICKI IN AZ said...

Yes, being a grown-up really stinks sometimes!

Emmy said...

Wow! It is amazing how immature and just plain stupid some adults are. I love the theater, acted during high school. It is hard to know where to draw the line with shows as there really are so many bad and weird plays out there.
I saw the movie version of Rent once and yeah that was enough. Somehow I missed what the whole premises was for the movie before I saw it.