Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Monday

Just random thoughts moving through my brain today....


Pretty sure I burned out another running partner this morning.  She said she'd run 3 miles with me and I prodded her to do 4.  Looking back on it, she probably didn't really feel like she could say no.

I guess I forgot to explain the runner's code - which is basically that your partner is supposed to challenge you a little, and you are supposed to really say no if you can't or don't have time or whatever.  I think we just did the "challenging" part, without the "it's ok to say no"- part.  (Sorry Catherine)  (But you did great!!)


I'm going in today to work on my ongoing pipe dream (meant with both meanings thankyouverymuch) to try to get/keep my gray hair uh, not gray.  Do you think it would be weird to go blonder in November?  Because, in the summer I don't think it's weird...  but in the winter???

And at what point do you just give it up and gracefully go gray?


I told myself I wasn't going to drink Diet Coke until 10 am every day.  But that was before the time switch, so 10am is really 11 am, right?  So really, if I crack one open at 9am, it's all the same.  Yes, I know this is pathetic.'s 10:00 somewhere, right?


I realized yesterday that I may never have to go to the store again.  I now have 3 kids who are officially adults and can buy spray paint, bb's, benadryl, and lottery tickets all on their own.
Not that I buy lots of those things.  But it's just happy to know that I wouldn't have be the one to go.


Too bad they aren't old enough to drive with Mimi.  She's going in to get her driver's permit today.


I have figured out why older women wear darker lipstick.


I saw a radio station giving away Free! Air! Guitars!! I think I've found the perfect Christmas gift.  I just have no idea how I'd wrap it.

Remember when you got your first blog comments??  My friend Nat  - who has recently emerged from life as a technophobe (and I mean that in the most loving way!!) - has decided to start a blog to document One Thing that was wonderful, or happy, or worth remembering every day.  If you have time, head over and welcome her to blogland, tell her YOUR One Thing for today.


And if you have any thoughts on Christmas gifts for teenagers, besides the air guitars I mean,  let me know.  I'm completely stumped this year, and it's driving me nuts!  This was going to be The Year.  And you know exactly what I mean.


Did you ever used to watch Grammar Rock and wonder what exactly Geraldine was so insulted by?  Because it always looked to me like Geraldo was really working hard to show affection appropriately.

I don't know if I learned more about Interjections or Interpersonal Relationships while watching Grammar Rock.  I think it's safe to say I learned a lot about both.


Yeah.  I know.  Random doesn't even begin to describe it.


Barbaloot said...

I've never even heard of Grammar Rock. How did I miss out on this? And you have to be 18 to buy spray paint? That's....odd?

Headed over to your friend's blog:)

Emmy said...

Very random indeed but great post. I am only 29 and am having to contemplate when do I just let it go gray. so sad

Annette Lyon said...

I don't think Geraldine knew what she wanted--she changed her mind after all, right?

And now I'll have have "Conjunction, junction, what's you're function?" in my head all day.

Barbaloot, I can't believe you never saw these as a kid! (Unless you're WAY younger than I am . . .)

We have a whole DVD of School House Rock, which includes the math, grammar, and all the other stuff--even the Bill on Capital Hill one. LOVE IT ALL!

Kristina P. said...

Why would anyone put time limits on the Diet Coke!

Catherine said...

Hey! You didn't burn me out! (I feel strongly about that...) It was a great run and the total kick in the pants that I needed to get running again. And, so far I can still walk up and down stairs. I'll see how tomorrow goes...

Heather said...

It's 10 o'clock somewhere. Always.

One more driver in the house?? I'm stumped on the darker lipstick... why??

goddessdivine said...

Don't give into the gray! My mom is 62 and still colors her hair.

I just put more blond in my hair yesterday. Who says there's rules about when to do blond?

Melissa said...

I think blonde is always okay! Just tell everyone that you came to visit me in S. Cali ;)
I can't wait for my kids to be able to drive... um... sort of!
Free air guitars... genius! As for gifts for teens - I have no clue. My pre-teen wants a cell phone. Ha! That's not gonna happen... cash is always a good option :)

Lee said...

I own every one of the Grammar Rock videos and used then when I was teaching English in middle school. The "teens" loved them!

And since I live on the East coast, I think when it's 10am here, it's closer to like 8am for you. So drink up friend!

Yvonne said...


It would be fun to have a running partner--especially one that would help push me once in awhile. These days it's so cold I just look out the window and have a tough time getting myself out the door.

I don't see anything wrong with going blonder in winter--and I don't ever plan on turning gray gracefully ; )

HOORAY, for Grammar Rock

Heading over to visit your friend Nat.

Gift cards are something my kids love.

Chief said...

after age 45 you an gracefully go gray. until then, find a good hair stylist JMHO

Loralee and the gang... said...

maybe this will help you with your soda dilemma ?


Camille said...

My rule is no diet coke until noon. Otherwise there's no telling how many I would drink in a day. The fact that I can have a dc at 10pm and then go to bed at 10:30 is a blessing and a curse!
I love your randomness.

Cherie said...

Lots of fun Random thoughts.
I'm with you on the diet coke - although I am trying to quit and I have been for the last 10 years - OH my!
I have no idea what to get teenagers for Christmas either. We need one more techno game like a hole in the head.
Never go gray gracefully!!! Find a good hairdresser - it's worth it - have her do a weave - You'll feel fab!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

I will color my gray for as long as it makes me look younger. I doubt I'll be one of those woman who grays "handsomely". I had totally forgotten all about Geraldine and Geraldo but it was fun being reminded. (You're a riot.)

Amy said...

Love the randomness. If you get any great Christmas gift ideas for teenagers, please pass them along. The only thing I can think of for my 15 year old son is a new TV for his room, but he is already in there all of the time. Heaven forbid he spends time with his mother. :)

Dave said...

i knew a runner who once took a first time runner on a three mile run. THAT is prolly not a great idea. but someone already running 3 miles and stretching it to 4 mile run.... that's within the bounds of reason to me :-)

and gray is beautiful, especially if you own it :-)

mormonhermitmom said...

I'll take a random interjection anyday, YEAH!

Dave said...

you wrap ait guitars in bubble wrap

and i, too, am curious about the dark lipstick thing

and thanks for plugging nat's blog. it was a big step for her :-)

Arya said...

I love reading the why do woman wear dark lipstick? I only wear gloss

Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier, it really made my day. I wasn't sure if we would have snow or not because a few days before Halloween we got a bit of a flurry of snow, but as you saw it didn't stick...I am hoping that fall stays just a bit longer before the snow strikes, I would hate to move in the snow...

Dave said...

I think the perfect present for teens is a family Caribbean cruise.

i know I'd love it :-)

Nancy Face said...

I think ANY time of year is a great time to go blonder! :)

I will give it up and gracefully go gray after I'm dead.

I'm not kidding.