Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blame it on Nick Carter

I don't know what it is about teenagers and leaving the house wearing as little fabric as is humanly possible.  I'm not even talking about modesty issues - though we've certainly had those battles as well.  I'm just wondering when it became uncool to keep your body at a temperature where your natural lip color could still be described with words from the red/pink category rather than words like cornflower or cerulean.

Mimi rolled her eyes at me this morning when she was walking out the door at 6 am and I gave her the news that it was 22 degrees.  Well, she rolled her eyes, but then she also ran upstairs and found a shirt with long sleeves.

I know.  CPS will probably show up any day now.  After all,  I'm the mom who made her children wear shoes.  And this on TOP of making them observe curfews. How are my children supposed to be cool sick in the midst of this kind of parental hindering?

Other moms, who are even meaner than me (I?), but possibly not as experienced, would have even made the kid wear a coat.  But I've learned through years of "oh, we have to go back for my coat" and "oh, I don't remember where I left my coat" and "Oh, hey, I think I lost my coat"   that if you force kids to wear coats, you will have to create a whole COAT category in your monthly budget.  And that would seriously detract from my Sonic budget. 

Normally I'm a big proponent of "natural consequences"... but this one baffles me.  The natural consequence would be that You. Are. Freezing. Cold.
...But they don't seem to care.

Then when I mention that maybe, possibly there's a chance they are getting SICK because they don't wear appropriate warm clothing, they just come back with all the other reasons they are probably sick, most of which I really don't want to hear about, because they involve things like gum sharing, staying up all night studying (*cough* watching reruns of The Gillmore Girls*cough*), and sending a lipgloss around the English class where every single person used it, even the teacher and wasn'tthatsosick!  Well, YEAH it was sick.  Really. Really. Sick.

So in choosing my battles, I have forgone the coat battle.  But the parent in me says that long pants in January at 6am in Colorado is something I AM willing to battle for. At least it's harder to leave your pants at school than a coat.   (... not that it can't be done, mind you.)

We've got a system, though, that works pretty well. Write this down, because you will totally thank me for this idea. Basically, we set the ground-rules and then we let the weather forecasters be the bad guys.

Rule 1:  You must wear long sleeves, long pants and shoes that actually cover your feet if the temperature when you leave the house is 32 degrees or less.

Rule 2:  Capris and shorts are only allowed on days when the temp is predicted to be 70 or higher.

And that's my whole system.

It's not perfect, but at least it doesn't seem quite as arbitrary to say "it's 22 degrees" as it does to say "No flip-flops because I said so".

Also when Mimi comes home today - mad because she was completely overdressed when it was like 42 degrees and she had on LONG SLEEVES and she was practically suffocating all day long, ---the 9News weather team  the will take the blame. All I have to say is
"Oooooo! I'm seeing some scathing email in Nick Carter's future!"

That guy is going to be so confused.


Dave said...

Rule 1 = mostly reasonable.

Rule 2 = totally unfair

i say consolidate them and make 40 the over/under temp

"so, over 40, shorts, capris, short sleeves, Gilmore Girls and sharing lip gloss ok.

under 40, they are not."

how simple is that?

goddessdivine said...

Seriously. Sometimes I look at the kids coming to school in the dead of winter and I'm like "Dude, did you think you lived in the tropics?!" Why on earth do they wear flip flops when it's 5 degrees outside? And then of course I'm like Where are these parents?

Good for you for sticking to your guns! Wish more parents had your sense....

Beverly @ The Buzz said...

I don't understand it either. That beauty over comfort thing doesn't even register on my radar when it's cold outside. I want to be warm!

Right after Christmas, our whole family went to see ICE! ( at the Opryland Hotel. Basically, you walk through "2 million pounds of carved ice" shaped like Charlie Brown and friends. It's about 9 degrees in there and takes about an hour or so. My new DIL wore a short sleeved top and hoodie! At the last minute, she took the wool coat I offered. About halfway through the exhibit, she had to leave because she was so cold. Some people's kids...

Emmy said...

Very good rules and totally reasonable.. and yes kids are crazy :)

Becky N. said...

Since we've moved to Colorado, I've been shocked by the same thing!

I walk my daughter to Kindergarten, and we're both bundled up with hats, scarves, mittens, extra warm coats, boots.... and I *still* feel chilly.

And then on my way home I sometimes come across a kid on their way to middle school. In cap sleeves.


I remember being a teenager. I remember going to seminary at 6am, when it was 40 degrees. I remember shivering in my bones, and wishing I could have stayed under my covers in bed. How on earth can these kids stand to forgo coats!?!?

But then again, once spring came around, we were all gunning for the shorts and t-shirts, too. My dad finally gave us the rule that it had to be predicted to be 60 degrees for shorts. That may have been when I first started getting obsessed with weather, now that I think about it. Huh.

I think I'll go with at least 65 or 70 when my kids need that rule, though. ;)

The Mom said...

I have a 16 year old who has been "forgetting" to put on his jacket when we go places. I guess I better just let it go and pick my battles. It's nice to know I'm not the only one! That doesn't mean I won't mock him when he is shivering! LOL

Stacey said...

My mom had a rule that I could wear shorts if it was 65 degrees or warmer. I remember calling the time and temperature line all day and the second it hit 65 I put on my shorts. My kids are only 8 and 5 and they always want to leave their coats at home. Goofs.

Nick Carter caused global warming. Just sayin'.

jjstringham said...

Let me just say one thing:

I am totally confused.

How did Nick Carter get into this post?

mormonhermitmom said...

Christmas week in our town was in the teens. We got gas for the van and saw a kid gas up his little car and he was dressed in t-shirt and shorts. wha?????

Becky said...

Your rules wouldn't work here. When it hits forty degrees, baby, that's sandal and short sleeve weather! I actually went out to check the mail the other day in only a sweater because it wasn't *that* cold.

It was 11 degrees.

So, yeah. By the time my kids are old enough to really argue, I think my response will be: No, you don't have to wear a coat, but I'm not gonna lend you mine so don't bother asking.

Heather said...

Nick Carter.... I was thinking this was going to be a post about the Backstreet Boys. How wrong was I?

That Girl said...

My kid wears shorts every day of his life. I can force a sweatshirt on him, but pants? Forget it.

I know Arizona is warm, but we've had some days where it's in the 50s - that's COLD for shorts.

Yvonne said...

I'm laughing because it's -9 out right now (yes, that's F) and I'm in capris. But there is no way I would leave the house without long pants, shoes, socks, hat, scarf and mitts ; ) But not my kids--when they were home, it had to be REALLY COLD for all that. (Of course, the back of their car had the stuff they would need just in case they got stuck somewhere or had an accident)

I think your rules are GREAT.

lailani said...

ROFLMPatootieOff - ok, we are not in Colorado, but South Georgia has had days - many this month - that did not get up to 40. My 16 year old has not worn long pants to school in 2 years - shorts 365 days a year. A great savings! But I just shake my head - not going there with that battle. He does wear a hoodie though! hehe. Crazy!!

tenae said...

My 8th grade daughter is the same. I happened to drive by her bus stop one morning and there she was trying to make shivering look pun intended. But so were all the other kids. At least they looked cool together.

Earl and Vickie said...

Haven't they heard about the study that showed that subjecting the body to exteme cold with inadiquate covering caused the body to generate more body fat to create insulation?

Loralee and the gang... said...

The absolute WORST thing you can do is to tell your teen how silly you think their outfit looks. That just confirms to them that the "look" is workin' it. I know. I tried it.
I think next time, I will comment on how cute I think she looks, and then go and put together a similar outfit. Then wear it at the same event. That'll cure 'em, ya think? heh heh

goddessdivine said...

Hey--did you know it's Nick Carter's birthday today? Is that why this post is dedicated to him?

rocslinger said...

I think the lack of warm clothing is a Colorado thing. since I was a kid (second generation coloradoan) I tend to wear less than others when outdoors. One thing I take into consideration is the duration that I will be outside, if I'm hopping in and out of the car I'll dress for the temp. inside the car. I wear shorts if it's fifty or warmer.

I do have to agree though that kids these days (I never thought I would use that cliche) have taken it to an extreme.

JustRandi said...

I had NO idea it was Nick Carter's birthday. For that matter, I had no idea that there was any other "famous" Nick Carter other than the meteorologist we watch every morning on 9news.

And NOW I feel REALLY BAD because I googled him just to make sure I had it right, and I found out that he was laid off this week due to the economy. Apparently his last day is today.
- and here I'm sending him hate mail.

We love you Nick Carter! And good luck in the world - we'll miss you!

jennie w. said...

Our only rule is no shorts if it's under 50º. If you want to go with no coat or wear short sleeves any day of the year then be my guest. Just don't complain. Because there will be no sympathy!

beckers said...

Randi, you are a genius with the coat thing. I had never even thought about it like that!! Can I just say that I'm glad to be in AZ, where I don't have to worry about my flip-flop wearing daughter suffering frostbite because of her choice of footwear?

The Pollocks! said...

When mine walked out in "long" capris and a hoodie yesterday. . .I just didn't even say anything. Same kid who wore a hoodie, no hat or gloves to the OUTDOOR skating thing the other night (her - "I didn't know it was outside!!" me - "everyone else seemed to know - you need to stop talking and pay attention!") I've just casually mentioned that she will get no sympathy from me if she gets sick (which she is a lot! hmmm. . . go figure). Yeah, when did it turn "cool" to not be warm? I don't get it either!!

JennAventures said...

I vivedly remember despising my mom making me wear a coat over my costume at halloween. mean moms!