Monday, April 5, 2010

Epic Recap

It was Epic.  It was a Road Trip.  And we all made it home alive.

There are more videos coming, each one cheesier than the first, but my netbook died on the first day of the trip, so Hannah was the only one who had access to the program, and I think she got tired of all our "help" when she was trying to make Epic Road Trip Video Day 2. She told me this morning that she's planning to finish that one today, though. I know you're dying - DYING to see it.

And just in case you decide that you have better things to do with your time than watch goofy girls videoing themselves in the backseat, here's the recap of the whole trip:

Day one was goofy - you saw it.

Day 2: Ummm, nobody mentioned to me that to get from Jackson to Rexburg, you have to drive Teton Pass.  Yeah, the one with a 10% grade. And luckily for us, we got to do it in what was apparently the biggest snowstorm of the year.
I officially hate Teton Pass in the winter/spring.

Teton Pass was offset by the fact that only a few miles beyond it is the World's Biggest Potato.We weren't nearly as excited as I thought we would be.  But then we were all still recovering from me yelling about the flash pictures being taken in the backseat while going downhill on a sheet of ice, with a cliff on one side and a giant stone wall on the other. ( yes, I'm scarred for life, thanks for asking.)
So The Potato wasn't all we dreamed. In fact, we didn't even bother to get out of the car.

BYU-I was great, though. They treated all 3 girls like prospective students, and I think by the time they were done, all 3 were prospective students.

Days 3-4 Salt Lake City... We toured the visitors centers and watched all the tourist movies.  My favorite was the Joseph Smith movie, but everyone else liked The Testaments best.
A definite highlight was Bruges Waffles & Frites - where you absolutely must go if you're in Salt Lake.  They were amazing, and not really expensive...
When I told the owner that I had found him from a blog - he said "Oh! was it Kristy?  I owe her a free waffle sometime.  She's been great for my business."  So Kristy - next time you go to UT, go introduce yourself and get your free waffle.  Everyone else - if you go in - tell him RANDI's blog.  I could use a free waffle, too.

We also found prom dresses, super cheap jeans, went to Kneaders 3 times, and spent an afternoon in Deseret Book, because it's hard for me to think of a better way to spend an afternoon than hanging out in a great bookstore.

We listened to Fire of the Covenant most of the drive - it's a 23 hour audio book, and I think we have another 3 hours till we get to the end.  At this point, we're so involved in it we'll probably go sit in the driveway and listen until we finish it. - It's that good.

It was an amazing trip, and to the girls' credit, they showed a lot of patience with each other, and we had only a couple of minor tiffs   -- which qualifies the whole thing as EPIC just because of that fact alone.

Sadly we missed the World's Biggest Ball of Barbed Wire - - can you believe they close the exhibit in the winter?  Is barbed wire seasonal?
We also missed the 2 headed goat.  By the time we (I) remembered, we were just - you know--- Done.

We'll save it for another trip.

And oh yes, there WILL be another trip.


mormonhermitmom said...

Wow. How daring of you. My kiddies are a little too young for that kind of trip because, you know, they may not survive it. :)

Yvonne said...

Glad you had such a great trip. (Driving on a sheet of ice would have been enough for me--I don't think I could have gone on until summer ; )

I feel the same way about Deseret Book. I've never been to Bruges Waffles & Frites-in fact, have never heard of it. (Another place to try next time we are there). I love Kneaders.

Glad you are enjoying Fire of the Covenant.

Emmy said...

Sounds like a fun trip. I will have to go to that waffle place next time I am in Utah

Kristina P. said...

Thanks for coming to visit me! Sob.

And you are right on about the Belgian Waffle place. I hope you got it with chocolate and creme fraiche. To die for.

Tammy said...

I'm glad you made it safely! Yikes-I dread driving in snowy conditions. I have panic attacks! I'd rather go to the dentist-it's that bad!

I also loved Fire of the Covenant! The ending is very touching.

I've never heard of that waffle place. I LOVE waffles!

goddessdivine said...

Dang; I was so hoping for a picture of the barbed wire thing. How can they close that?

I heart Kneaders.

I'm not sure the videos can get any better than stuffing earpieces up one's nose. I'm willing to be proven wrong. ;-0

Vern said...

He knows my NAME?! That is hilarious. I did give out the address to three different people who were headed out for conference so I guess the word is getting out! How about I tell him I know you and then we'll go get free waffles TOGETHER? Flights are cheap these days....

Heather said...

That's awesome. Next time stop into Swan Valley and get square ice cream! You'll love it. Teton pass rocks... Jeremy's brakes went out on that pass. Gotta love it!

I'm so waiting for the next video installment... "don't touch that light saber" now THATS epic.

The Mom said...

I've lived in the Salt Lake Valley for 20 years, and have never heard of the place! Of course, I'm not a big downtown type of person. We go there to see Temple Square, and that's about it. Sad, I know. I will have to take my hubby on our next date.

And I am glad you survived Teton Pass! I hate it as well, and I have never driven it!

Celeste said...

What a fun road trip..other than the scary road in the snow stor part. Justin is reading the Fire of the Covenant too and after starting it with a very skeptical attitude, he now can't put the book down!

Jillybean said...

You know, you probably could have had a group of bloggers meet you for waffles. I'm pretty sure that could have made up for your life scarring experience from the Teton pass.
Me and Kristina will just have to go there without you.

We traveled that stupid pass on our way to Jackson one year in March. never again.

kristi said...

Wish we would have been a stop on the way home! Maybe next time when you go see the barbed wire. Miss you guys!

Brenda Susan said...

Yay, sounds like a wonderful trip for you all! Can't wait to see the videos!

Lucy said...

But when you get to the top of Teton Pass going to Jackson from the west, it's one heck of a view!

rocslinger said...

One of the things I miss driving is books on tape. I got so much reading/listening done while putting in my eleven hours a day.

Melissa Bastow said...

Next time you head that direction you really CANNOT miss "Bear World" in between Rexburg and Idaho Falls. It will seriously change your life (about as much as that giant ball of barbed wire would have.)

beckers said...

Sounds amazing!! I'm so glad you guys had fun, and got back safely!

Now I'm craving waffles.

mindyluwho said...

I LOVE road trips! Can't wait 'til summer. And we are going to Utah, so I'm thinking that I might need to go by Bruges...

Jennifer said...

You have such fun kids. Makes me wish we rented a van and went with all the girls. :)

Teton Pass said...

How dare you disparage me? I am the Great and Mighty Teton Pass!!!!!!!!!!1!!!

You shall suffer for your insolence next time you attempt to traverse my path.

And your fate will serve as a warning to all those insignificant and puny that I am not to be trifled with!!!!!!

(now, what kind of car do you drive again?)