Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Hair Color

I LOVE HAIR COLOR! 100 thank-you's to whomever invented a way to look and feel 10 years younger after just one morning of sitting in a chair! And another 100 thank-yous to my "hair designer" Kate - who is amazing and actually does exactly what we talk about.
If I had KNOWN how much better I would feel, I would have been in there weeks ago. I have this little gray patch of hair at one temple that I have always rather liked. I thought it was quirky and interesting. Now that it is spreading to other parts of my head, (sounds like a disease, doesn't it?) It has become less quirky and more, well, old. Anyway, today it is gone, along with most of the other gray hairs around my face, and I think about half of the lines I have begun to see on my face disappeared, too! Look, I know it is TERRIBLY vain to obsess about this, but I am working through it the best I can. I do like lots of things about getting older. The hair thing, though, I may never get. That's OK, right? Or is it just me?

Thursdays are my errand days. The day used to be my favorite day of the week, because I could get out, even though it meant taking little kids everywhere. Now it's just my most tiring day of the week. I do get a lot done, though. Today I am headed to Costco; Walmart; King Soopers (our Kroger grocery store); the Post Office; and then this afternoon, trying to get Easter outfit shopping all finished up. My mom and dad sent money for everyone to get something new for Easter. So nice! Once upon a time, my kids all had coordinating Easter and Christmas outfits. Now that they are all teens with very individual personalities, the process of shopping takes quite a bit longer, and doesn't approach "coordinating colors" in any fashion. I love seeing their personalities expressed, but it makes it hectic on the scrapbooking!

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