Friday, April 6, 2007

Doctor or Faker??

Is it just me? Or Is there a real mother's dilemma about taking kids to the doctor? Mimi hurt her foot at dance, and has been hobbling around on it for a day and a half now. We elevated it yesterday and put an ice pack on it, but there is no swelling and it looks fine. The reason I have not taken her to the Dr for x-rays is this. Call me horrible, but her friend Kelsey hurt her foot last week and has been walking around using crutches and getting the special treatment wherever she goes. You do the math.

And so the battle in my head begins. I mean, if she's really hurt, of COURSE I want her to be taken care of. If however she is looking for some special treatment, couldn't we spend the $20 and 2 hours of the doctor's visit on shopping or something she thinks is fun? Arggggg. It can't be just me!

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