Friday, April 27, 2007

Silly Things I Love

Just a few random things of no real importance, in no particular order:

My Timer
I love the timer. 10 minutes of guilt free blogging for 10 minutes of cleaning my kitchen. See? Everyone is happy. I can usually even get my kids to clean on the timer, because they know we will really stop when it dings.

My Croc's.
I love every minute of wearing them. Both pairs. My feet and legs feel good at the end of the day, which is WAY more than I can say for any other pair of shoes in my closet except my running shoes. They are as UGLY as sin, in fact someone once told me they were "low rent flip-flops" but I really, truly don't care.

Diet Coke
Love it. I've tried every flavor, and frankly, I have favorites, but I wouldn't turn down any of them. EXCEPT if it comes in the weird shaped bottle which my car drink holder refuses to grip. If we're talking about bottles, I choose Pepsi. If we're talking about the ultra experience, I'll take a Route 44 Diet Cranilla Coke. Wow.
*Newsflash* Have you seen the new Diet Coke Plus? Now I can drink my way to vitamin health! OK I would have to drink like 10 cans a day to actually get my RDA (of about 4 vitamins), but still.
(a whole paragraph on the attributes of diet coke? this blog must be going downhill fast.)

Tapioca Pudding
You can say eeewww if you want, but I love it. It is my best comfort food.

My Bluetooth
Do I NEED a bluetooth? Well, no, but it's as fun as heck. I love talking hands free and I do it lots. It's a beautiful, beautiful way to multitask.

Well, there's a good start, anyway. I'm sure I'll think of more things I should have listed. Maybe tomorrow will be round 2.
(feel free to comment in and tell me some random, unimportant thing YOU love!)


Stephanette said... silly things that I love: Sonic's Ocean Water, my brand new Oobees (I love my hubby), and my new notebook from Staples. FLYLady always rounds out a top ten list.

JustRandi said...

Hmmmm, those are some things I will have to check out! I love flylady too! What's your notebook like?

Bikini Sky said...

Oh Ms. JustMe, you should never have told me about Cranilla sonic drinks because i really cant handle it. and at $2 bucks a pop im going on a downward spiral- and loving every slurp of it.

AND- I cant stand crocs because they look terrible, but as long as you are AWARE of this then i think it makes it better. That way you're just rebeling in favor of comfort. im not brave enuf yet.