Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What is Normal?

Is it just me? Or are there no normal people out there anymore? Everywhere I look, things are extreme. Opinions, fashions, even vacations can't just be normal anymore. What IS normal, anyway?

Here are some things that are normal for me:
  • Seasonal flowers blooming in my yard. I don't go overboard, but I do love to see the colors change as the season progresses. From the very first crocus to the last stalwart chrysanthemum, it's normal to have some color out there.
  • Eating dinner together as a family. I remember the first time I saw an actual commercial for this on TV. Seriously, a public service commercial reminding families to eat dinner together. Come ON people, it's the best time of the whole day!
  • Having a clean kitchen sink (thank-you FLylady!). Even if nothing else gets done, my sink will likely be clean.
  • Early morning runs are normal. Love 'em or hate 'em (and I have plenty of days of doing both) they keep my head clear, and running shoes are cheaper than therapy.
  • 5:30am family scripture study and family prayer. Sadly this is only normal on early morning seminary days, but our next family goal will likely be to get better at the other days too.
  • Diet Coke runs a couple of days a week with my little brother, who even at 30+ will always be my little brother. Our current favorite is the Cranilla Diet Coke from Sonic.
  • Looking forward to The Brain getting home from work. There has rarely been a day that couldn't be salvaged by seeing his face and getting a hug.
And just so there's no danger in being thought of as nearing perfection (ya, I know that crossed your mind...) Here are some other things that are normal for me:
  • A dirty car. I'm working on it, OK?
  • Cold Cereal for breakfast. I've tried getting up and cooking, but frankly my family would rather just have the cold cereal, so why fight it? (Once in awhile I can talk them into oatmeal.)
  • Clean Laundry in the washer or dryer. Yes, I know there are less wrinkles if you process it immediately. I'm getting better at using my timer.
  • Playing Spider Solitaire as a way of putting off any annoying task. (Say, like laundry, or cleaning my car...)
Well, it's a beginner list, anyway, and quite interesting to contemplate. I have a friend who says "The only normal people are the one's you don't know very well". I can get onboard with that.

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