Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forced Family Fun

We have a term in our family called FFF - Forced Family Fun. When we use this term, it's the signal that this is a required attendance event for the whole family. There will be no excused absences, even if you have a doctor's note. And believe me anyone who doesn't show is going to need a Dr's note.

We have been doing this for a long time, and though our kids groan about it, I think they secretly don't mind too much when we plan these activities, because it usually turns out to be a pretty good time.

Last weekend, The Brain and I decided to put a FFF camping trip on the calendar, and pretty much discovered there is NO 3 day period between now and DECEMBER that we can all 6 be available for a camping trip. We didn't look into January. When did we get so busy? And who are all these grown ups living here who can't take off work, or can't leave other commitments?

SO our choices are:
  1. Not go camping at all, because everyone can't go. That hardly seems fair to our younger children who frankly don't have too many camping memories to start with...
  2. Go at a time when most everyone can go. This would involve basically choosing which person to leave out by the weekend chosen. One weekend, everyone is available, except the kid with a swim meet. The following weekend, everyone else available except a different kid with a college exam.
  3. Use the "Forced" option of FFF and tell everyone they are required to miss whatever it is, and just be there. Again we run into the problem in #2 by which weekend we choose.
  4. Look into January.
Frankly, I think the easiest will be #4. In Colorado. On a Mountain.

We've gotta figure something else out.


so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi: i'm first, i'm first!

schedule it and stick to it and those who can come, they will. don't keep postponing and rescheduling UNTIL everyone can go. you could waste a whole year of a life waiting for everyone and maybe it would never happen in that year and on and on. just do it, those who can will, and those who can't, maybe they can the next time. it would be a bummer to go out to a few years in the future and realize what time was wasted waiting for the perfect time. there is no such thing as the perfect time. but you can come close to it. so, my advice, just schedule it and do it.

hey girl, you really made my morning this morning with your cute comment about how i should stop by while we are on our RV trip. you are cute. thank for the smile this morning.

~you take good care this night, kathleen :)

ps. i totally love comments, too (love email and good mail, too!). and i got such a kick out of seeing your shout out to me in your blog post about the funniest people on the planet. you are awesome :)

Hope4Hannah said...

HEY!! you Younger Kids dont have camping memories? They have more than me! I remember camping (not including Lake Powell) once, With The 2 younger kids, and I ended up having to leave early the next morning cause I had to go to eliches or somethin with that guy...... in all honesty, it really was fun, but peeing in the forrest is not exactly my favorite kind of trip..... maybe we could set up a tent here at home in the backyard...and roast marshmellos over the stove.. and pee inside.. with toilet paper....

Scuttle said...

I love this Idea even though I only have one I might pass it on or sent my sister with 4 girls over to your blog like I did with the post about the bathroom I just wanted to prepare her for whats to come

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hope4hannah: do you mean pee inside the house or pee inside the tent? tee hee

hi randi: hello today to you awesome, groovy, and fun chick. hope your day is as neat as you are, kathleen :)