Friday, June 22, 2007

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Diet Coke?

I submitted another post to Mormon Momma today. I hope to see it up there this afternoon, or this evening, so swing by later and maybe, please, say something kind and don't bash me for the Diet Coke thing. You can come back here if you want, and tell me what you really think, as always!


Heather said...

Good article. I wouldn't be too concerned about it- I don't think any of my YW would even pay attention.

OR you could buy one of those 144 oz jugs and then you'll only have to refill once a day... stuff it in a duffle bag so no one sees you nursing it along. ;)

JustRandi said...

Totally! Or use the CamelBack. NOW you're thinking!!!
I wouldn't think they'd pay attention either, but you just know there'll be ONE GIRL (and I can probably tell you who) and then it will get to be a Big Thing.
And I don't want to hear it referred to during our next fast and testimony meeting when we get home.

Stephanette said...

Oh, crack me up! I take a refillable mug with me. It's opaque and I refill it with the soft drink of my choice. Yes, it's usually Dr. Pepper, but sometimes Code Red Mt. Dew (and I DO know beter, but...). My Young Women and I had a frank discussion about it on the way home from YW Camp last year after a full week without the stuff. We tease each other, and I understand your concern. Love the article.

Heather said...

I'm ROFL... I can see someone bearing their testimony about you and your pop!

JustRandi said...

NO kidding - -
"and even though Sister H had a drinking problem, we still felt the Spirit..."