Monday, July 16, 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There's good, there's bad, and then there's downright ugly when a spouse leaves town.

At least at our house, life is a little out of tune when one of us is not home. Kinda like a 5th grade band concert. It's fun and a charming for the first little while, and then the whole thing starts to fall apart.

When the Brain is gone here's the way it breaks down:

The Good:
No rush to tidy up the house (and myself) at 3:00.
3 cars/ 3 drivers
Buying Rocky Road ice cream because dangit, I like it!
Licorice breath? No problem.
Deadliest Catch DVR marathons every night!

The Bad:
Nobody hangs a dry towel over the shower for me
No computer tech support
It's possible that the garden might not get watered EVERY day
No one to tag team with during our family WWF events (Whine With Force)
No snuggling when the bedroom finally gets down to a decent sleeping temperature.

And then there's The Ugly:
No need to tidy up the house (and myself) at 3:00.

I could ask The Brain for his lists about when I'm gone, but it's probably more fun to guess what he'd say. (oh, yeah, and I had a bit of input from the kids - you know, the inside scoop!)

The Good:
The kids get lots of practice on their quesadilla skills
Educational science experiments naturally develop in the kitchen sink
Three words: Pea Nut Butter
All night to kill the aliens, if that's what it takes

The Bad:
"Dinner? I put out potato chips."
Olympic style cleaning an hour before my ETA

And the Downright Ugly:
Garlic Breath? No problem!


Hope4Hannah said...

And just think what its like when you are Both out of town.... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi: you cracked me up with the whine with force comment. thanks for stopping by today. thanks for the cute notes you sent me while i was away on our road trip. glad to be back. take care, kathleen :)

Mother of the Bride said...

I laughed so much at Hannah's comment that I forgot what I was going to write! It's nice to know teenagers really do all think alike...(scary, too!)

Heather said...

Sounds exactly like our house when one of us is gone!

Sue said...

I love it! Was it black licorice?? I have to wait til he's out of town for that one!