Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Location, Location, Location

I really took this picture.
You know I took it because of how dirty the windshield is.

I'm sure the facts that 1) I thought it was funny, and 2) my car is dirty both say something very ironic about the whole thing, but I'm not quite sure what it is.


Heather said...

That picture is really amusing. Is it really cold enough to be wearing a sweatshirt in CO?

JustRandi said...

Naaa. I actually took it over Memorial Day and I just found it again sorting through some stuff.
Anyone wearing a sweatshirt today would need more help than a few bucks. 100 degrees. Ouch.

"Buns of Steele" said...

I don't remember giving you permission to publish a picture of me. You could have at least ASKED.

Randi said...


I am here from Morning Glory's blog and I must say that you look WAY too young to have 4 teenagers!

Next Tuesday I will have three teens (my son turns 13) and I am feeling a bit old! Aargh!

Anonymous said...

hi randi: funny picture. i don't believe any of those get rich quick schemes! i did believe it some years ago, but saw the light, and will never go down that road again. they are so bogus. yeah, like right, call them up and you can be making a hugh salary. it looks funny to me because it says CEO salary in the sign. they would not advertise THAT way. but there are gullable people all over.

thanks for stopping by the last few days. you always make me smile when you leave me notes. thanks for that, kathleen :)

East of Eden said...

This picture reminds me of this sign I saw in Farmington NM once. There was a marquee for a naughty book store, and right next to it was a bill board with a picture of Jesus on it with the caption, " Jesus is watching you". Someone sent it in to Glenn Beck once, and it's a real thing!