Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Help Me! I'm Melting!

Colorado seems to be stuck in a heat cycle. Even for July, it's unusual for us to be seeing 100 degree temps on a daily basis. But I'm not complaining. No way. I know better, because I have relatives in both Southern Arizona, and in Southeast Texas, both sets of which would laugh themselves silly if I said one thing about 100 degrees and/or 10 percent humidity.

I will say, though, that our power company Xcel Energy has found an unusual form of torture. They call it Choice Savings On Demand. Basically, if you sign up for the program, they will cut your electrical kw/h price by about a third for the whole summer, EXCEPT for 10 days of their choice. On those 10 days, between 2-8pm electricity costs approximately 11 times (that's eleven times for those who think I surely made a typo) more than the rate you pay during the rest of the summer.
So pretty much you're conned encouraged to turn off your a/c and not run any appliances. We actually signed up for the thing. It's only 10 days a year, right?

Guess what yesterday was?

I guess there are still people out there who call them On Demand days. At our house it's morphed from On Demand day, to Desert Sand day, and then from there the natural jump to Kill Me Now I'm Drowning in Sweat Anyway day.

I have never bought into the global warming theory. But if you'd like to take your best shot at convincing me, I recommend tomorrow between about 5-8 pm.

And bring some ice.

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Gramzer said...

Right. Already melted.