Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nothing Good Happens After 10pm

The rule in our house is:

Nobody allowed on the main floor after 10:30 at night.

We instituted the rule this summer, because once school got out, people decided they would just stay up as late as they wanted, and TRY to be quiet. Uhuh.

About a week in to that we figured out that there were certain people, mainly those who had to get up early in the morning, that weren't getting their 8 hours of sleep. Or even 6 really. And so the rule came to be. See, I don't care how late you want to stay up, but you have to be in your bedroom or the basement, and no amount of noise is acceptable.

'Cause I'm just that mean. Especially when I'm not getting my sleep.

So last night, we took the older kids to a show, and when we got home at about 10:30, the Brain and I were tired and went upstairs. We just assumed everyone would follow, you know, 'cause it was 10:30.

The girls, instead of going to bed, started a quiet discussion about hair and make-overs, and one thing led to the next, and well, about midnight, they ended up with this little number:

*Picture taken this morning*

If I had a before picture here, you would see that the hair is now approximately 3-4 inches shorter on the bottom. You would also note the addition of several lengths of layers - meaning there were cuts that hacked off at LEAST 8-10 inches.

We also got a little bang trim, which you obviously can't see in the picture. And an eyebrow job.

Why you would decide that a full-on makeover in the middle of the night before you leave for your coveted EFY week, given by your sister (who's only training is from looking at hair. Oh, and she watches when they cut her own hair...), with DULL kitchen scissors, is a good idea can ONLY be explained by the fact that it was after 10:30 pm.

As I've already told you, I'm pretty much unreasonable and irrational after about 9pm, and apparently it's hereditary.

At least they can blame it on their mother.


Tirzah said...

That is just awesome!!!

Morning Glory said...

Oh my. Just oh my.

Were they quiet, though?

"Q" said...

I'm sorry to tell you, but it doesn't really matter. She's a fox.

so grateful to be Mormon! said... yea, it'll grow back, but it looks rough! :) but were they quiet angels, so you didn't hear them? or were you and the brain so wiped out asleep that they took advantage of the opportunity? but, on the bright side, sisters had a nice bonding moment of fun. way better that fighting with your sibs. hmmm... unless of course if it was a secret ploy to chomp the sister's hair with the misperception that this'll be fun.

you're still a fun and cool mom :) kathleen

ps. at first when i looked at your pic, i thought i was looking at "rambo" tying up a bandana over his hair. but then i realized it was not that :)

ps. kinda funny/weird, but the word verfication had "efy" in it.

Heather said...

OH MY GOSH!! Your girls kill me. That is so something my friends and I would have done.

"Buns of Steele" said...

at least they didn't shave their eyebrows off, which is what one of my friends did in high school on a whim while staring in the mirror one morning. Morning. Couldn't even blame late night irrationality.

Crystal said...

Yikes. I stopped letting my sister cut my hair after she gave me a mullet a month before my wedding. Sigh. I think it may have been passive-aggressive jealousy, since she was older and very single . . . Sisters. Bless their hearts.

Blondie said...
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so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hey i mentioned mullet in my blog today, too! :)

JustRandi said...

Well, yes, at least they WERE quiet.

I have no IDEA what came over them.

My goal in life while we were driving to Provo yesterday was to reassure her that it wasn't that bad, so she would have a good week at EFY. (youth camp)My biggest reassuring method was to QUIT TALKING about it. Which I think worked out well.

I'll just be grateful that there were no shaved eyebrows or mullets.

Jen23456 said...

I guess you kind of have to learn it yourself to really appreciate what a professional does. I remember thinking it looked easy enough. LOL It is a good thing it can be evened out and regrown if necessary.

Baby J said...

Oh my goodness! Puff with scissors??!! scary!

Hope4Hannah said...

IN MY DEFENSE, she ASKED me to do it, and it REALLY doesn't look that bad. She looks cute no matter what. And might I add, Sugar was the boys Favorite girl in the group. 40 boys. all liked Sugar. Must have been the hair cut.