Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Terrible Two’s... Again

You know, it never really occurred to me how similar it is to raise toddlers and teens, until I told one of my delightful children that she was acting like a TWO YEAR OLD.

And she was.

Temper Tantrums – check

Asserting Independence –check

Unpredictable Displays of Emotion – check

Ah, yes. I recognized this. The Terrible Two's were back … only now they were on steroids. I even settled on a name for it: Terrible Teens…This Time It's Personal.

And that is when I heard the clang of a bell. And a loud voice said,

"Round TWO! Arrrrrreee you readddyyy to Rummmmbleeee?"

And another bell clang. I swear.

Oh, yes, we were definitely starting into familiar territory. My kids had even returned to covering their ears when I talked. Only now they were using headphones. And by the way, we have a new name for Time-Out. We call it Grounded.

But as I began to sort of brace myself for what is to come, I also remembered the wonderful, magical side of a two-year-old and as I looked closer, I found that I was getting that as well!

Laughter – check. My kids can make me laugh harder now than they did when they were pre-schoolers. And that's saying something! I love seeing our sense of humor tweaked – or should I say twisted- a bit and coming back around. Teens are funny, fun, and quite articulate.

Intelligence- check. Anyone who has tried to argue curfew hours with a 15 year old knows that their young nimble brain cells move faster than an adult's. But the amazing part is how fast they learn. My kids know enough to get around in 5 different languages. They can play – between the 4 of them – 12 different instruments. And they learn faster every day. It's amazing to watch!

Need for Approval –check. No matter how many times they tell you they don't care what you think, they do. And when I can give them some sort of approval, even if it's for something minor, things seem to go a little easier for both of us.

All in all I don't really mind the second time around the Terrible Twos. I've learned that the trick is to make sure I give lots of Time-Outs – to myself!


maudie-mae said...

This isn't just Terrible Two's on Steroids, it's Terrible Two's on Steroids with HORMONES. A friend of mine says they do turn back into human beings eventually. I am still waiting.

"Buns of Steele" said...

Hey, I've got this GREAT book....