Sunday, August 26, 2007

Best Blonde Joke EVER!

I've heard lots of blonde jokes in my time, but this one is the best!
Thanks to Mormon Mommy Wars for passing it on!


"Q" said...

Look at the joke before you read this.

Is the joke that there is no joke? About four sites in I started to feel like a true blond not just a highlighted one. Maybe all that peroxide has gone to my head

JustRandi said...

You got it. LOL Yep, I think it's the peroxide!

Baby J said... the joke that there is no joke? I clicked on six different links, as did "q", and found nothing.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

yippee for me, randi! i caught on so quick (the second link) that the joke was that there were just endless links and no real joke. so then i just looked so more and more and yep, endless.

this was the best blond joke, i agree, randi.

thanks for making me amused.

you rock, kathleen

Hope4Hannah said...

So ive been sitting here for a good 15 min. clicking on different links... i dont get it...