Monday, August 27, 2007

Feminism Rears It's Ugly Head

The McDonalds radio commercial they're running here is a mom talking about the hardest part of her day being finding a restaurant that her kids like and also carried salads.

She actually says the words, "hardest part of being a mom " in relation to finding a restaurant.

Now, I'm not a feminazi or anything, but seriously - - Is there even a remote possibility that a woman wrote the copy for that commercial?

I thought not.


East of Eden said...

It also assumes that all moms do is get take out for their kids....the moms I know don't.

Morning Glory said...

It HAD to be a man writer.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi: sometimes, i see a commercial on tv/movies and i am completely bewildered how that advertising company stays in business. come on, during the board room presentation, not one soul had the guts to speak up and say come on guys, this one is sooo stupid it's not even funny! some just make me shake my head.

but i sure did enjoy those what's in your wallet commercials when they said the vikings/huns needed new jobs now and they showed them in their hun gear like being a flight attendant or trying to use a copy machine. oh, now those tickled me! just like BFF jill tickled me. too cute.


Heather said...

What? That's the hardest part of my day, hands DOWN!!

Kimberly said...

If it was a woman, no way in heck is she a mom. Gah!

Mother of the Bride said...

Just when you think it can't get any harder it does--and that's really the hardest part about being a mom!