Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Case of the Missing Tweezers

May I Have Your Attention!
It has recently been discovered that my eyebrow tweezers are missing.

Yes, these are the same tweezers I have owned for approximately 3 years now, when I bought the really really good ones. Yes, the last place I saw them was the same drawer where they have lived for said 3 years.

Here's what we're going to do:
We'll turn off the lights (and the computer) and everyone will go to their bedrooms. Then in 2 minutes everyone will come back to the kitchen and when we turn on the lights, the tweezers will be sitting in the middle of the table.
That way I won't have to know who took my tweezers AGAIN, and as a bonus, we will no longer have to tolerate a significantly growing unibrow.

Ready? Go!

Dangit. I really thought that would work.


kristen said...

I can't go more than a few days w/o tweezing something. I feel your pain. I'd blame one of the kids....

Heather said...

I hate that! It's so hard to find a good pair of tweezers, hope they return to you soon!!

"Q" said...

I am currently growing out my brows to be waxed and shaped up. Every time I open my makeup drawer I'm sure I can hear my tweezers calling to me. Maybe yours are calling you?

Perhaps the brain can devise a tracking system for future security.

Tirzah said...

Good luck and cute post!

It is hard to find just the right tweezers!!

JustRandi said...

The tweezers mysteriously appeared in one of the girl's bathrooms. Of course, no one has any recollection of how they got there, so I can only assume that we've had yet another case of temporary amnesia.
Anyway- thanks for all the sympathy.. .
And Q I like the idea. Tracking system. Hmmm.

East of Eden said...

This is why all members of my family have their own tweezers, and it's a breech of tweezer ettiquet to use another's.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

as long as you have teenager daughters living in your home, your beloved tweezers (i feel the same way about MINE) will be easy pickings (he he, no pun intended) for your daughters of your loins! arg, it bugs me when they take my stuff and do not return it. then sometimes things magically reappear (hmmm, i don't know that got there mom????? innocently looking, but i know one of them did it again!).

chow baby, kathleen :)

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

so is that called twettiquet?

ha! i love it!

Baby J said...

haha I totally do that to my mom! Pickle nose always complains about loosing them. She's had to buy new ones every few months. Finally, she broke down and bought me some..which I lost..oops