Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Clear the Calendar

So last night, the doorbell rang.

I know.

Considering that our doorbell experiences are rarely worthwhile, no one else in my family will answer the door, but of course everyone wants to know who it is. I can usually count on a small entourage of family members hiding behind me just outside of the door view. I feel like the Verizon guy with my Network.

I answer the door, and it's a kid from up the street. And when I say kid, I mean like a junior in HS kid. I know him (from substitute teaching), and I like him fine, but since he's not the same age as any of my own kids, he's never actually been at my front door before. Here's how the conversation went:

Hi Davey.

Hi Mrs. JustRandi. Is Lizzie home?

Nope, she's still at practice.

Oh. Ok, well, I'm thinking about having a birthday party, and I came over to see if Lizzie could maybe come. To the party.

Sounds fun! When are you going to have it?

Well, I haven't actually asked my mom yet or anything. But I was thinking maybe this weekend or next weekend. Do you think she's available?

Well, that's probably going to depend a lot on when it is.

Ok, well, could you write down my phone number and ask her to call me and tell me if she can come?

Now I could point out again that IT DEPENDS ON WHEN IT IS. But I'm getting the idea that this is less about the party, and more about the contact.

In the meantime, my Network behind me is just busting up laughing.

He's a cute kid, and just the fact that he's going to ask his mom (and he's willing to admit it) makes me hope he really does have a party, and hope that she really can go.


kristen said...

That's too cute. And, I think you're right about the contact. It sounds like he's going to plan it around HER.

Heather said...

That is so adorable.

"Buns of Steele" said...

Stray boys coming to the door looking for your daughter? I'm so not prepared for adolescence. I mean my daughter's adolescence, I've already done puberty.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

is it still called a bday party if only say TWO people show up? sounds like a date scheme to me!

so cute how you wrote you are the verizon guy w/your network behind you.

and so cute how you wrote that he said hi mrs. justrandi.

in my world here, nobody calls me hi mrs/sister "so grateful to be Mormon." i should make up cards.

tee hee, :)

Baby J said...

Aw cute!

Mother of the Bride said...

Hahaha--that was hilarious!