Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Gettin' My Kicks on Route 66

Ohhhh, it's been a looooong 2 days of driving. But here I am in beautiful Yuma, AZ for the next 2 days before I turn around and do it all again.

My favorite thing about Yuma is watching the military pilots in training. They fly over the city a lot, and I have learned to listen for them. They are really fast, and by the time you hear them they've already passed you. This morning they were doing some kind of training that looked like is was straight out of the movie Top Gun.

One pilot in a small Soviet-looking plane would go past, and then about 15 seconds later, a larger US looking plane would be chasing him wherever he went. Then about a minute later another set would go by. Go Maverick!

I don't know why that fascinates me so much. Someday I'm going to get a big book - coffee table style - about the military aircraft and learn to identify them.

Oh yes, and a quick note

To The Person Driving a White Neon on I-15 Monday Afternoon:

I noticed that you passed me several times during part of our drive. The last time you passed me, I really appreciated your waving to me - you know - friendliness to your fellow drivers and all that. I even thought it was nice that you raised one finger. I'm sure you were trying to say - Power To The Drivers! or some message of solidarity.

I wish, though, that you had used your cruise control LIKE I DID - set on 83MPH- because I noticed that a bit further down the road you were pulled over to the side, making another new friend. This one with flashing lights.

Thanks for reminding me that you can always make new friends.

Best Wishes for Your Future Social Opportunities,



kristen said...

LOL--because I can totally relate. Not that I've had the finger extended to me in a while. But on my last road trip to Vegas I got so annoyed because I was passing the same people over and over and over....because they DON'T use cruise control. And then I'm having to tap my break pedal (read stop said cruise control) because of these idiots. Frustrating!

I'm like you: I keep it at 83 or 84. Just enough over the speed limit to be safe.

I bet you were just laughing your head off when you passed the Neon and his new friend.

Heather said...

A Pet peeve I share. I can't stand the back and forth of passing.

Have fun in Yuma- and if I find a big book of planes I'll get it for ya.

East of Eden said...

I'm sorry you have to be in Yuma, it's really tha arm pit of Arizona, Kingman would be the other pit of my home state.

Do try and eat at La Fondas or El Charro while you are there, both are soooo good!

As for waving fingers, we always salute back.

Melia said...

Randi, when you pass through St. George again. Wave at the house on the left with a poorly painted flag. That is me!! Hopefully, our tree and treehouse wont blow down with these weird storms.

Have fun on your travels.

"Q" said...

Fighter jets. How about that sound wave that booms through your bones; that's the best.

Little neon...for all the times you've said: "why isn't there ever a cop around?" Sweet justice.

Yeah AZ! Enjoy the thin tortillas!!

"Buns of Steele" said...

HA! HA! You gotta love justice.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi randi: hope your trip is safe. come back to us soon and in good shape. hope you have fun.

here is something very cool for you, oh fan of military aircraft.

this "janes" group/company is an excellent resource for military aircraft. when i was in the air force (in a flying career field, the AWACS jet, i was an aircrew member), we used "janes" exclusively for our latest information on military aircraft. have fun with it.

and i LOVED what you wrote about the bad driver. clever girl you are. thanks for the snicker, kathleen :)

ps. you're in my prayers for a safe return.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

one more thing. i LOVE how it feels to stand under as a plane flies nearby right over my head. when they are close and loud, it feels like such a rush to me, like i can feel it inside my heart. what fun. know what you mean :)