Friday, September 28, 2007

Killer Sewing Machine

I totally wish this post was going to be as funny as the "preview" earlier this week suggests. I even hoped it was going to be as funny as the title. It's not. But since I got a lot of email from people wondering WHY I was striking my daughter in the head with a sewing machine (!?!?!) I thought I'd rather tell you than wait for CPS to show up on my doorstep. Or the Bernina police. Or whoever.

I'm just trying to picture what YOU all are picturing.

Maybe me pulling stuff out of my purse in a hurry? You know, looking for my phone...
Here, hold my keys. Hold my wallet. Hold this sewing machine. Take IT! TAKE IT! OH, sorry!
Or maybe she's walking home from school, and some careless driver tosses a sewing machine out the window because, you know, it won't zig zag anymore. And I really see how that could happen, cause the zig zag - - - it's everything.
And take this polyester thread, too!

How about this - you tell me how you think she got hit in the head with a sewing machine. If you leave a guess, I'll email you back and tell you how it really happened.
If you don't guess, you'll have to wait till Monday's post!


Baby J said...

You and the Brain decided that it would be a good idea if you included a sewing kit in food storage from now on. You placed it on the top shelf for safe keeping. But, Mimi unnknowingly grabbed canned peas off the shelf and upset the balance which caused the sewing machine to hit her on the head.

JustRandi said...

Baby J ROCKS! You, know, that's not what actually happened, but I'm now considering a sewing machine for my food storage!

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

okay, the young women were working on a service project in the cultural hall one mutual night. suddenly, one of the tables had an owie and was wiggling looking like it might fall. so, your hero daughter without even thinking of her own safety immediately dives over and under there attempting to save the table and the antique circa 1948 sewing machine on top. when she dives under there, she becomes tangled slightly in the cord. the table crashes to the gym floor around her and the sewing machine slides down the now crooked table like a ski mountain and barrels into your darling daughter's noggin head. but the YW president still praises your pumpkin because she tried her best to save the situation! :)
hee hee

was i even close?? ha. what do i win?? i had so much fun making up an answer here randi. made me crack up.

happy Sabbath,
kathleen :)

Anonymous said...

well picture this...

here is mimi sitting side by side with lizzie. lizzie couldn't find the purple construction paper. she gets angry and goes to get a banana. she is peeling the banana when mimi says.. "im glad that i used this purple construction paper to blow my nose." lizzie imediatlly becomes enraged and the banana becomes wedged in mimi's ear. now, lizzie being the quick thinker that she is went down to food storage to get the sewing machine and whacks mimi over the head. mimi was left with a cute little bump that looks like makeup.

Anonymous said...

i think thatpoor mimi as just on her way to the soup kitchen, because she is such a kind soul, when all of the sudden, it starts to rain cats and dogs but the clouds make an oopsies and threw out a sewing machine. she may have gotten hit in the head, but she also got a cute puppy out of the deal!

Anonymous said...

yes this "anonymous" was at the soup kitchen....

eating the soup.