Monday, September 10, 2007

Point of No Return

This weekend we decided to do a little 4-wheeling! We were on a sandy road at the Sand Dunes National Monument, and about a mile in we came upon this rather unnerving sign.

Since I live in a place with lots of National Parks around, I happen to know that they do their best to keep people OUT of the parks and wilderness areas. (We wouldn't want humans messing up all the nature and everything...) But is this going a bit far?

I mean, I thought the $15 entrance fee was steep, but a possible $400? Schwooo!

We checked our credit report and decided we could afford it.

Of course, the pictures don't do it justice. But it was amazing.

(And we made it without needing a wrecker!)


"Q" said...

Why were you up at 1am?

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

did you need a wrecker service or did you get out okay? you daring woman you! :)

hope your day is groovy,

ps. ever since i read your post the other day, i keep thinking about how when i stop by and leave comments at someone's blog ... do i want to throw in a sneaker or not on this post? you are too cute how you said that :)

Suzanne Mumpower said...

What a beautiful place! I envy you.

Hope4Hannah said...

PS you came down there to see me! your favorite stranded daughter! haha it was really fun though! i still have a bruise on my shoulder from getting 'peached'