Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Choose an Identity

Sometimes when I leave comments on blogs, the form asks me to "choose an identity".

Wouldn't you love to just choose an identity for the day?
I mean, just check the box and that's who you'd be?

OK. Here are the choices I want:

  1. Organized Olivia (able to pay bills and coordinate schedules and closets in a single bound)
  2. Marjorie Mormon (sweet and funny and very spiritual)
  3. Compassionate Camille ( always has an ear for friends, and good advice)
  4. Sexy Selena (doesn't that sound like it should come with long hair?)
  5. Trista the Teacher (can help with anything from tying shoes to calculus to FHE lessons)
Let's see ... who is still missing from my little parade of schizophrenia?


so grateful to be Mormon! said...

funny post. number 4 was especially fun. how about rambunctious randi?

hey, come and look at my blog. you won something :) kathleen

kristen said...

How about all of the above?

sassy selena said...

just wanted to see if i could leave you a message from my alter ego :) kathleen :)

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

ha, it worked, that was moi :)

Kimberly said...

Freaking me out a bit. I had that exact same thought today.

Different personalities though. Phew!

Heather said...

How about Gormet Gertrude, she could make an awesome meal out of cheese whiz, pickles and any other random thing found in the fridge.

Sue said...

tee hee

Self Involved Sally, who spends her day at the salon and out shopping.

I would LOVE to be her for a day. Or three.

JustRandi said...

OK, so I'm definitely adding Gertrude and Sally - very creative!

Melissa said...

I like this idea! I'll have to think of some psuedo bloggy names :)