Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fergie-dentity Crisis

I'm now officially old.

Because when people say this:

I think this:

And she doesn't look bad, but really people, she's just not all that.

Tell me you don't do that too!

Oh! And I have been having a fantastic time playing in the templates at Thanks to Stephanette for the tip! Maybe I'll have a new look coming soon. It's very sophisticated.
Like Me.



Yvonne said...

love the new look--that is so cool. I can't figure out how to do any of that, so I'm in awe of everyone that can!!!

I had to look for a long time to figure out who it was in the second picture. I immediately think of the second when someone says the name--although when my kids say the name, I'm pretty sure it's the firs.

Stephanette said...

I love the chick...isn't it fun? I was just glad that all the work was done for me and I just had to copy and paste. Woo-hoo!

The Wiz said...

Oh me too. I embarrassingly couldn't figure out why Fergie was so huge again. I'm slow, but I get there in the end. Maybe it's an age thing.

kristen said...

The first one bugs; and the second, you're right. She's not ALL that and a bag of chips.

Sue said...

Oh. Duh. Guess I just needed to scroll down for the answer to my question, tee hee.

ahna said...

I am with The Wiz. I couldn't figure out why Fergie was all over the news. I kept thinking things like, I didn't know that a 'royal' would be allowed to sing in a band. Lame.
I'm catching up slowly but surely.
BTW I teach elementary school and a little kid came to me and complained that some girl had "gotten all up in his grill." Hilarity ensued when I tried to figure THAT one out. Good grief.
(Again, someone hip and with it would not say, good grief.)