Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Morning Quarterbacking

Amazing Race Commentary:
Oh, the sweet justice of Karma! Good-bye Ari and Staella. They just started out mean, didn't they? And after the way he was yelling at that donkey about "cutting you up and eating you if you make us lose this race", well, all I have to say is bon-appetite. So after getting a look at the teams, who are you rooting for? We like Azaria and Hendekea (the brother and sister) though we would like them better if they had easier to remember names. Right now we're calling them the geeks. It's all very exciting!

This Week's Schedule:
Did someone shoot off a starting gun and I missed it? Holy cow, my calendar has all of a sudden jam packed. How is it possible to have a meeting or event that I am required to be there (and usually in charge of something) every single night this week? And I'm excited for each thing! Just not excited to have them all colliding in the same week. Hooray for wonderful friends who are willing to help, and for a wonderful young women's board who all will pick up their share of the load (and more) and run with it.

We're turning our RS room in the church into a castle dining room for our Young Women in Excellence program tomorrow. Normally I'm not really into the huge productions, but once or twice a year I think they're great. This will be magical and memorable, and the program is all about being a princess. The girls are so excited to dress up for it, and I'm excited for it to come and go. If I remember to take a camera, I'll post a picture.

Teenage Stuff:
This weekend our house got tp'd. And a high quality job, I might add. Lots of really really long unbroken strands. That's how you can tell if it's quality, ya know. You have to have a really good backspin in your throw to get those unbroken streamers. Turns out we weren't the only ones celebrating Lizzie's birthday. It was some of the boys from church, helping out. That was way more her style. Nobody even looked at her - unless you count EVERY SINGLE CAR that drove by our house ( with laughing occupants) while we were hurriedly cleaning it up before we all had to be someplace on Saturday morning.

Also - does anyone have an opinion on very young teenage girls and boyfriends? The topic keeps coming up at our house, and the answer is never quite what was hoped for by the asking party. I want to be openminded - keeping the lines of communication open and all that - but I just don't want to open that door yet. I have been assured that having a boyfriend at this age means nothing more than just a mutual agreement of liking each other. (Usually done between the friends of the involved individuals and not the actual boyfriend and girlfriend themselves...)

There would be no touching of any kind, and no socializing together. (Different schools, one extracurricular activity together.) Would I be really overreacting if I were to say "absolutely not under any circumstances including My Dead Body - why don't you just cut out my heart right now"?

Holiday Report:
Because you're dying to know? I did get all the Halloween stuff put away and the Thanksgiving stuff out. Only what? 2 weeks, until we change it all again. Now, as much as I love each holiday individually, I am leaning toward the whole
idea, where you just decorate once and you can be done with it. Heck, let's throw Valentines Day in there, too.
Thankchristmasweentine's Day.
I like it.


Caroline said...

Yay! I'm so glad Ari Staella are gone! All I kept thinking when the donkeys wouldn't move for people is, See how that team is being nice? Try it. Even Donkeys have feelings...

And I have some thoughts on the whole boyfriend thing. I had lots of boyfriends, and there WAS touching involved. (holding hands, kissing, you know.) And I believe I had my first boyfriend when I was 14. (And I was convinced my mom had no idea. Moms are lots smarter than teenage girls think. . .) Anyhow.

Oh, and we would meet at the Saturday night Church dances... (thought this info. might come in handy)

Janell said...

On the topic of boyfriends, I think it'd be easier to blanket statement "not till you're 16" rather than trying to distinguish "well, ok, if you never really see each other and if you're going to different schools and so long as you don't get too comfortable etc etc etc." Then again I'm the person who didn't deem it necessary to acknowledge the existence of boys until her late teens and who has no teens of her own, so take that advice for what it's worth ;)

Kimberly said...

Hee hee...we're so lucky up here, as we go straight from Halloween to Christmas. Neener neener neener!

Nancy Face said...

Your Young Women in Excellence really does sound magical! :)

I do ♥ a good quality TP job! :0

Because I was always boy crazy, I understood my daughter's wish to associate with boys. I also wanted to help her make good choices and be safe in her friendships with boys. Therefore, we had lots of fun activities at our house, and included boys and girls from school and church. That way, we knew all her friends very well, and they knew and respected and actually LIKED us, her parents. She appreciated this, and instead of trying to sneak around behind our backs with little boyfriends (haha!), she has always been very open, and discussed boy issues with me (not so much her dad!). I guess I'm saying I'm a bit more lenient than some moms, but we definitely followed the age 16 dating rule!!!

I'm loving my Thanksgiving decorations, even for just 2 weeks!

kristen said...

I'm with janell on the boyfriend topic; but I'm big on rules.

I loved TP-ing when I was a kid. So much fun. Sorry you had to deal with it though.

Anonymous said...

my opinion on the whole boyfriend topic is that if you trust you daughter, than you should show her that you trust her by letting her do things that require trust, such as having a boyfriend.

jjstringham said...

I am of absolutely no help on the boyfriend thing - I have no teens and didn't have a boyfriend until I was 17. But I am in almost total agreement with your decorating scheme. How 'bout just Thankmas? I could do without Halloween decorations, and who puts out decorations for Valentine's Day?

Nancy Face said...

Me again, haha! WHO puts out decorations for Valentine's Day? I DO! Also St. Patrick's Day (nope, we're not Irish), Easter, 4th of July...yeah, I'm pretty silly, but my kids and the neighbors love it! :)

Baby J said...

I can't wait to see how Jenny and Nate do. They were already bickering and about to kill each other on live television during the first challenge. I'm excited to see the conflict continue..that sounds a little evil but it is SO entertaining! :)

We've been having a little conflict in our house about the boyfriend thing. The Strength for Youth pamphlet says "no steady dating" but we have yet to decide what is steady dating and what is not.

haha love the holiday ideas! I just wish every holiday could be as great as Christmas. I remember one year for Christmas, a family had had decorated their yard for some combination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween. I believe they had Dracula in a sleigh, pulled by pumpkins, over their snowy yard.

so grateful to be Mormon! said...

hi rand,
how about thankchristmasweeny? i love saying halloweeny. he he

hey, thanks for your nice feedback today. the interview felt really good to get to participate in.

hope your night is groovy, kathleen

Tonya said...

That is exactly what hubby and I were saying about Karma. It couldn't have happened to nicer team. I like the brother and sister team as well. There were several of them that I liked. It's going to be a good season.

Oh yeah, and I'm all about Thankchristmasweentine's Day. Where do I sign up?

Heather said...

AAAAmazing Race!!! I missed the first 15 mins... chatty mom on Sunday night- aaaahhh.

But I can't wait for the next episode.

Melissa said...

When I was growing up I had a friend who's mom left their Christmas tree up FOREVER. They put it up before Halloween and decorated it with Halloweeny stuff. Then fall/harvest stuff for Thanksgiving. Then the Christmas stuff. Some years she would even leave it up till Valentines and decorate it in hearts and such. I'm sure she would be a big supporter of your ... um... whatever it was you called it ;)

East of Eden said...

It's Thanks-o-ween-mas...I've written about it a few times on my blog in previous years. That nebulous time when all the holiday decor is out in the stores and no one really knows why they are showing Christmas commercials on November 3rd?? Anyway....

As for AR....I love AR, I love Phil. Yes, Ari & Stella needed to be Philliminated, they were evil. What I don't get, is why all these seemingly intelligent people think that screaming in English at animials will somehow make the animal go forward. Do these people not know, a nice gentle pat on the butt and donkey will go forward? Then who was that other team blone girl, mean guy who were also stuck. They could have gone as well....stupid, stupid. Let's yell bloody murder at each other, then kiss and make up. Vomit.

As for teams...we like Grandpa, and then I am strangely fascinated by Team Maybeline -- the Goths, werid, but fascinated.

As for the boyfriend, I would give that a resounding NO. I know someone mentioned trust, but really, you're a kid, be a kid, there will be plenty of time for BFs and such as she get's older. BFs were verboten growing up in our house, and at the time I know it was a HUGE inposition and I thought my parents were dorks for saying no, but now I look back and see that this rule helped me to develop friendships with lots of different people and groups of people, and I'm very thankful for it.

JustRandi said...

It's so interesting to hear all the boyfriend opinions....
I was going to write a reply, but I think I'll just do another post - because I'm so interested in this right now.

Crystal said...

GAH! No teeny-bopper boyfriends! I'd say definitely no boyfriends before 16, regardless of whatever physical contact is to be involved. And even once that wild, wild age is reached, I'd discourage having a boyfriend, in part because it is extremely limiting socially. This is the voice of experience.

I second the idea of making your house a place where lots of people want to come, and trying to have get-togethers often. And yeah, that has the potential to be stressful, but I think it's very possible to keep it low-key and fun. Make 'em help clean up afterwards.