Saturday, November 3, 2007

Amazing Post

Now, I don't want to keep anybody up all night with anticipation. Just because that's what I'll be doing, doesn't mean I'm wishing it on you, too.

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm so excited!

The Amazing Race starts tomorrow, you guys!!

Sunday Night CBS - 8pm EST

OH, I'll never be able to sleep tonight!


Janell said...

Gasp! Shock! Faint!

I am utterly and entirely without tv. This will be the first season I've missed since season five =C So sad!

I now appoint you in my place to enjoy the episode. (Even if the first one is always hectic and only really interesting if you have driven in the city they leave from.)

Sue said...

I used to love this show, but ever since the family season, I just can't get back into it. Plus - too many models. Of course, I'll still totally watch it tomorrow.

Tonya said...

Yippee!! I can't wait and it sounds like there are some real characters this year.

Kimberly said...

I've never seen it. Can we still be friends?

JustRandi said...

janell- My heart breaks for you.
I couldn't agree more about the 1st episode. I think they're interesting, but I don't get really sucked in until about the 3rd or 4th week.

sue- That family season really really stunk. They almost lost me completely. Fortunately it's gotten better.

tonya- It';; be interesting.

Kim- you're walking on VERY thin eggshells here.

Lena said...

What is the Amazing Race?
Okay, I know what it is but I too have never partaken of that particular show. I'm just waiting around until 24 shows back up in January.

kristen said...

Ok, randi, don't hate me; and I know that we are now bff.....but I've only seen that show like once, and it was ok for me.

I'm an AI fan.

(There's just not a lot of shows that intrigue me anymore).

Heather said...

LOVE the amazing race, and tonight will be sublime!!!

Did you ever do the AR for mutual???

Melissa said...

::Sniff Sniff:: We don't have cable and we can't pick up CBS. I LOVE the Amazing Race... :(

"Vern" said...

okay, at first glance (and in my defense it was a very quick one) I thought this was some kind of family reunion picture and my first thought before reading further was, "holy crap, where do they go on THEIR reunions? That castle looks awesome!" Never judge a post by its picture. And more importantly, never assume that anyone in Randi's family, extended or otherwise, has pink hair. And I'm sorry but "TAR" has never been as good as the season with Kevin and Drew. THEY WERE MY FAVORITE!!!!!!

Nancy Face said...

I'm not so sure about some of the characters this season...should be interesting, haha! :D