Sunday, December 30, 2007

Suggestions Welcome

The past couple of weeks, my college kids have moved home. They're both making some major decisions in their lives, and it's been interesting to watch them go about it. It's a new and different world, remembering that they are adults, and my opinion has moved out of the mom's-word-is-final category, to the suggestion-that-may-be-considered-if-desperate category.

Buddy is getting ready to submit his application to serve as a missionary. He's been making all the necessary appointments, and running around occupied with all that entails.

Hannah, on the other hand, isn't sure of what she wants to do. Her ideas swing from "going back to college", to " the college I attended was not a good influence and I'd better not go back" to "maybe I'll just live in the basement". So being the helpful sweet sisters (and possibly getting tired of the wandering around and wailing), Mimi and Lizzie have come up with the following. . .

If you have any suggestions 4 Hannah's life,
write it down, and put it in the jar

Suggestions have been free-flowing around here for oh, at least a couple of hours. I sneaked in to see what pearls of wisdom were being tossed in, and thought I'd share a few of the more helpful suggestions:

"Persue" lifelong dream to become a Christmas tree decorator

Elvis Impersonator

Be the first person to live inside a whale

Plumber (butt-crack and all)

Finish High School

Take a bus ride and find a hot RM (???)

"Persue" lifelong dream to be an acrobat.

So there you have the um, helpful list. (Note to Lizzie and Mimi - maybe someone needs to "persue" a lifelong dream of learning to spell "pursue".)

And if you have any suggestions for a 19 year old who doesn't really like school, but can't think of anything else to do with her life, - just send them via the comment section and I'll toss them into the jar. She'll draw something out on New Year's Day, and go with whatever it is.

I just pray it's not the plumber.


jjstringham said...

Ok. I think I was your daughter when I was 19. I had no clue what I wanted to do and that whole college thing didn't exactly work out at that time (apparently the school didn't give out passing grades to students who never went to class). Luckily I found my husband in the singles ward. So my advice for the jar . . . "go to singles ward and marry your home teacher." You're gonna hate me forever if she draws that, aren't you?

kristen said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious! Ok, it's not hilarious that your daughter is wandering around aimlessly trying to find something to do with her life; but I love the suggestion jar. (And I love your suggestion on correctly spelling 'pursue'.)

When I was that age I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. I felt lost and confused at times; but I kept going to school. And I am soooo glad I did. Even after changing my major 3-4 times and deciding at the age of 20 that I did in fact want to serve a mission, I have no regrets. The thing is to keep doing something. If you would have asked me 13 years ago if I would have two degrees and be an RM I would have laughed in your face. The point is, we just keep progressing and trying different things until something fits. I'm sure I'd be happy and successful in several careers; in fact sometimes I wonder what I was thinking with this one. But it all works out. The Lord doesn't care what we do--unless it's a stripper or something--as long as we're happy and work hard at what we do. I hope your daughter opts to stay in school (no matter where it is) because it honestly opens so many doors.

But, you already knew all this. (and sorry about the essay)

Heidi said...

Persue life long dream to become a tightrope walker--tutu and all.

Baby J said...

Tree Surgeon

Street Vendor(you could sell watches out of your coat!)

Finish 'Collage'

Massage School

Grandma's Other Personal Assistant ;)

Become a U2 Roadie


Start an IsItJustHannah blog


Pie Maker

Baby J said...


Heather said...

So Kristen you aren't throwing stripper into the jar?

Colorado... maybe she should be a ski instructor, whitewater rafting guide, or hiking guide- or work at REI.

Anonymous said...

Let her make her own choices and do what makes her happy.

No Cool Story said...

"Take a bus ride and find a hot RM"

I disagree with Anonymous. I believe you should force Hannah to do what YOU want. After all, you birthed her, so there.

NG said...


Yvonne said...

First of all, I'm soooooooooo incredibly glad I'm not 19 again!!!

I bet she's so happy to have all these suggestions ; ) With a little thought, prayer, and counsel with her parents, she'll know what to do. (I'm an old lady, what do you expect?!?)

Caroline said...

apply for internship at Disneyworld... that's where my 19 yr old sister is headed for the next 6 months.

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't want to go to college, make her go to a trade school (i.e Hairschool, massage school, skin school, nail tech school, something along those lines). Atleast she would have an education in something to get along in life.

If she doesn't want to do that...make her join the circus.

Janell said...

My comment would be that it's not school she dislikes, it's what she's studying. Change the course of study, and school will become fun (aside from a few General classes that one must suffer through). The advice I submit is, "Figure out what she loves to do in her free time." One can find an education or career that matches anything a person likes to do. All that matters is digging in, and willingness to start over when something isn't "quite right."

My own, very abridged story is that I spent all my free time developing web pages in my parent's basement. I moved from Graphic Design to Computer Science to (what I call) General Computer Studies - and I now am qualified to be paid very well for what I love to do.

Kimberly said...

Anonymous#1 doesn't seem to have much of a sense of humour. =P

I'm to tired to come up with funny options, and know too little about her to come up with serious ones. =)

Tonya said...

You can always count on your family to help you out ;o) The jar is a riot.

I can relate to being her age and not having a clue what to do. It's a tough one. I wish her luck!

Nancy Face said...

Continue with college, even if that means attending a different one and/or changing your major!

I know a lot of people who regret not going to college...but I've never heard of anyone kicking themselves and saying, "DANG! I wish I didn't have a college education!"

Good luck, Hannah! :) said...

butt crack and all! awww, best to her. but so cute how you guys are helping her out like this, i think he he.

it's hard to know what to say when they have to find their way, they have to figure out what matters to them and what they want and they won't listen to much you will say when you are the parent. sorry, big run on :)

kathleen xoxo

No Cool Story said...

Feliz Happy New Year!!

Ramona said...

I have been thinking about this and Wanted to give a good suggestion that maybe would make one think.

Question: Why this College? Sure it is hard not being around those with the same belief system as you. Anywhere you choice you are going to have trials of your faith. I have family who have both gone to church schools and non church schools. They have found friends both good and bad at both. What I have learned from them is it is not the school job (whatever) that makes the difference it is you. Where is your Faith is it there to get up and study on your own or do you still need help like you had in seminary Is it there to get you to church on Sunday or do you still need friends to help you get up in the morning? etc etc So my Suggestion is Go back to school Make the best of it Find out how strong you are and that your Family knows you can be and as the hymn says put your shoulder to the wheel. :) You'll never regret going to school but you may if you don't and if you find you need the extra support of going to a church school or being around more of your faith them make arrangements and do it.

Ramona said...

PS or you could move to the sticks and be a hermit.

The Wiz said...

That was me at 19. It was So Bad. I failed lots too, turns out that whole "showing up occasionally" was mandatory. I ended up finsihing college at 27, pregnant with my third. It worked out.

My advice is: Know that you're not alone. Most 19 year olds are like this. And life is looooong. Choosing a "wrong" major or "wrong" college won't screw you up forever.

Pray lots, eat lots while your metabolism is high, and breathe.

I agree that it's probably not knowing what she wants to study, and not the school itself, but changing both wouldn't be a bad thing either.

N.F. said...

She could come by our house and look at our washing machine. We need a plumber something AWFUL!


Sue said...

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha - LOVE the suggestions.

My two cents: encourage her to learn a skill, a trade - something so that no matter what happens in life, she'll be able to support herself when she needs to.

Corrine said...

Have her apply to BYU-Hawaii, get a vacation and a tan at the same time! I loved it there and made wonderful friends...finish this semester off and apply for the fall...

Take the semester off and get a job somewhere fun, like a ski resort! Then go back to studies in the byu-h :)


ganelle said...

I made a flow-chart when I was 20yrs. old - complete with all the various options that seemed available to me at the time. (school, marriage, study abroad, plumber, etc.) My family still teases me about it, but it helped to see how all my options played together. I saved it, and it's a source of a lot of good laughs today!
(Although I always vote for education...)

Melissa said...

I'm too late for a suggestion... but I'm curious as to what direction your daughters life will be going...

Becky said...

How about a Veterinarian's Assistant?? Hannah has such a tender heart, and a caring persona....I'm sure she'd be great at it. Besides, the training is short, the pay is good, the hours and regular, and who wouldn't want to snuggle all those new little puppies!?!?!!!

Lauren said...

HAHAHAH! Oh my gosh! "Live inside a whale". I love the randomness!

Mother of the Bride said...

Okay, I missed the deadline, but I'd still like to comment. Hannah, you are a beautiful girl with a wonderful life ahead of you! Remember that if you say your prayers and do your best, everything will work out okay. A few practical suggestions--find a job you like and see if you can make more money at it by getting some specialized training. Go to the singles ward. And don't waste your time on boys who bring you down. There are some really good ones out there, and they are the ones you'll make you happy.