Monday, December 31, 2007


Oh, I feel loved!

Thanks, Sarah! and Jen!

Thanks lmerie!

Thanks Nancyface!

Thanks Mombabe!

Thanks NCS!

Thanks Nancyface!

Thanks, Yvonne!

Thanks, Nancyface!

Thanks Kristin and Charlie!!

Wow! Thanks NCS, MomBabe, Lauren, and NancyFace!

Thank-you Yvonne!

Thanks, Yvonne!!

Thanks, Sue!

Thanks, Kathleen!

Thanks somebody! I can't find who awarded me this -
send me an email if it was you!
( And yes, I get the irony of not being able to remember who gave me the friendship award!)


Melissa said...

I had a group that I belonged to at one point and you had to have the blogroll on your blog... I burried it in my back logs... I put a different date on it and then linked that post in my sidebar... does that make sense??

Caroline said...

mmm-hmmm. down at the bottom where it has "post options" change the date to way back by your first post. That's what I did anyway. said...

it's cause you rock randi. you are awesome and a terrific example to me of how to be kind to others consistently. you make this a better bloggy world to be in, kathleen