Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Fun-Day

This really made me laugh this morning, so I thought I'd share it!
It's called "The One Semester of Spanish" Love Song

More awards to pass on!

I got this from Yvonne, who is one of the COOLEST moms around. She's a grandma who plays Rock Band, for crying out loud. She's also caring and dedicated - So I'm quite honored to receive it from her.

I would LOVE to award it to
JJ - who is brave enough to buy plane tickets for her and her babies to fly across the country!
Jody- who is a YW president so cool, her husband is also the YM president. Talk about cool.
Tami- who has not only mastered the art of skiing for herself, but made sure her daughters also learned!
Melissa - who took her kids to Disneyland only days after recovering from a flu from h*ll!

Then this award was from the wild and crazy Nancyface, who amazes me with the things she is willing to do for others. Just the girl's camp song alone would embarrass me for life...

I'm passing it to
NCS - because she makes me laugh every time she posts.
Paul - because he makes me laugh every time he comments.
Jill - who is new on my blogroll, but her Letters To the Dropoff Zone (which for some reason, blogger will not let me direct link ...) really hit my funnybone.

And finally:
From NCS = I was awarded these. Which I love all the more, because she did them on a "self-serve" basis.

And I'm awarding one to every person who reads my blog today. EVERYONE. Just go pick out the one you want over at NCS and post it. And don't forget to stop in and say hi to her. After all, she did go to all that trouble!

Because you're that cool like that!


The MomBabe said...

YES! oh, and thank you.

Melissa said...

That Spanish love song was AWESOME!! Thanks for the laugh... and for the award! How nice are you?? :D

jjstringham said...

Wait. I'm cool?!? When did THAT happen???

Melia said...

I love that song. It makes me laugh each time I see it. Thanks for the laughs.

Yvonne said...

I got such a kick out of that--I played it for Kyle (who has taken one semester of Spanish, too) an we had a great laugh together.

Congrats on all the awards. You are so deserving. (Thanks for the sweet words ; )

Heather said...

The open shirt is the best part... classic spanish love song!

Paul said...

Wow. This moment is just - wow!

I owe so many people for this! First, I'd like to thank the Academy. No, not that Academy - Temple Baptist Academy, my now-defunct high school alma mater - the place where I honed the cynicism that's grown into my sometimes-tiresome sarcasm.

And, let's see - oh, I would be remiss if I didn't thank the Kellogg's Corporation, makers of Frosted Mini-Wheats. A regular Paul is a happy Paul.

Oh, and of course, there's my wife! Her willingness to quietly mock me when I made stupid jokes over the years has given me the confidence to keep developing my delivery.

And then I want to thank (background music starts) - um, (nervous laughter) okay, well, thanks.

Jeanette said...

That song was too funny! My husband happened to be around when I played it and we were both laughing.

Marilyn said...

LOL! I'm actually in my SECOND semester of Spanish--wonder what that song would sound like--can I copy this onto my bloggie?

Tonya said...

That song cracks me up every single time..My favorite is the "no remembro how to say eleven" LOL

Congrats on all the awards, you deserve them all.

Two Princess Girls said...

The Spanish love song has me in stitches! How could that girl not crack up??

Lippy said...

And you're pretty cool too!

Nancy Face said...

YOU'RE that cool!

That video is one of the most hilarious ones I've seen! My hubby and kids love it, too! :D

kristen said...

I love that song!! Hilarious.

I want to send it over to the Spanish teachers at my school to show their kids; although I don't know if they'd approve of the guy's shirt buttoned down to his waist. ;-) said...

awh you're so cute randi! thanks for the grin. okay, since you said i could, i'm taking that cool mom one. it looks fun. come see me and share my news. i posted pictures, too!!

you rock mama,
take care girlie,
kathleeny xoxo

Lauren said...

How did I not win the Cool Mom award?

Oh yah...I forgot.

No Cool Story said...

WOW! Congrats on all your cool blog bling! :D

And thanks for all the props and my award (double happy face).

Fisrtborn is taking Spanish this year (yeah, really) adn he loved that song...speaciall 'cause he understood it.

Paul's acceptance speech was inspiring.